Custom-designed car stickers are a great way to get your business noticed as they allow you to literally take your brand out on the road. So, if you have just bought some new decals for your vehicle, you will want them to last.

In this step-by-step guide to working with car stickers, we show you how to apply and remove car decals.

Applying car decals

1. Decide on the location

Before you start to apply your new car stickers, you need to decide the best place for them to go. You want an easily visible location that creates maximum impact without getting in the way of your driving or day-to-day use of your vehicle. Bumpers, side and back panels, doors, and corners of windows are all good places to consider.

Once you have decided where your new car decals will go, you can start prepping before the final sticker application.

2. Clean the surface

To get the best results, always thoroughly clean the area where you intend to apply the decal to remove any dirt or grime that can interfere with a successful application.

You can use rubbing alcohol or a simple solution of soap and water to clean the area. Any other cleaning products may leave a residue that can prevent your sticker from adhering to the surface.

3. Prepare the decal

Now you are ready to apply your new decal. Gently peel around one third of backing paper off the sticker, being careful not to touch the sticky surface as you hold the decal by its edge.

4. Positioning the graphic

Position the exposed sticky edge of the car sticker onto the surface and smooth it down as you hold the remaining backing paper. Now gently pull back the rest of the paper while maintaining tension on the sticker and smoothing with your other hand until the whole decal has adhered to the surface.

5. A final smooth

With your new car sticker in place, slowly re-work the surface with your hand or a dry, soft cloth to push any air bubbles to the edges and create a super smooth, crease, and bubble-free finish.

Safe removal of car decals

If you’re reading this guide, it’s likely that you’ve ended up with low quality stickers that have caused quite the mess to your car. This doesn’t have to be the case.

With car stickers from Bizay, you can be assured of a quality custom design service, whether that’s working with your own artwork or letting the expert team create a bespoke design. Their durable, weather-resistant car, van, or motorbike stickers are quick to apply and can be easily removed when it is time to change.

Until then, here’s how you can quickly and safely remove your decals:

1. Prep the area

Before removing the car sticker, you want it to be dirt or grit-free, so thoroughly clean the area using soapy water and a clean cloth. Then wipe dry.

2. Gently warm the decal

The best way to start removing a decal is to warm it up. Using a hairdryer (on a not too hot setting) will soften the adhesive on the back of the sticker without damaging your paintwork. Once softened, you will be able to lift an edge, and the rest should follow.

3. Start to peel

You can also use your finger or a plastic scraper to help the sticker lift off cleanly as you lift and peel the softened decal. Just take it slowly and carefully so you don’t scrape any underlying paintwork.

4. Remove any glue residue

Once the car sticker has been successfully removed, you will be left with some glue residue. Ideally, a final clean with a specially formulated glue remover should remove the remaining stickiness.

Then a quick final soak with warm soapy water before drying, and your vehicle will be ready for its next set of custom decals!