About Time is the lovechild of Angelica Malin, who started the website in March 2014 (when she realised the only way to stop getting fired is to run her own business) and Alicia Grimshaw, who joined in February 2015, aptly, right around Valentine’s Day.

Angelica, a Bristol University graduate with as much knowledge of coding as your grandmother and business acumen that would make Lord Sugar weep, was determined to build her own online business and become a digital native. Thankfully, the site has grown since the days when only our immediate family read it, to become one of London’s top lifestyle websites – as has our knowledge and influence in the digital media industry.

Now proudly a team of over 90 writers in 30 countries worldwide, we cover everything that’s worth your time, money and energy in London and beyond, with a global audience of over 75,000. We rank highly on SEO (Google London’s best matcha lattes, that one took serious research) and have collaborated with some of the 21st century’s most exciting brands on editorial, campaigns, social and events. Sometimes we get to do this all whilst sitting on a beach with a Pina Colada in hand, but not always.

With Angelica at the business helm, and Alicia Grimshaw (A.K.A the world’s most Northern Northerner) running editorial content, they’re a proud team that produces some of the sassiest, most cutting-edge features around. Seriously – a Scotch Egg round-up? That stuff is revolutionary.

Who is About Time? Well, we’re your friend in the know; the pal who always knows about the latest pop-up, London’s coolest new dessert-only restaurant and which workout trend is sweeping the capital. We believe that your time is precious – and we want you to only hear about things that are really, truly worth your time. And if that means trying everything new HIIT class, brunch spot or strange, fusion cuisine in the capital, then so be it. We hope you enjoy reading, as much as we enjoy researching in the name of journalism. To chat features, say hello to aliciag@abouttimemagazine.co.uk.