Vietnam is a narrow country of striking landscapes that lie squeezed in between the Laos and Cambodia and the South China Sea. There are deep valleys, sparkling sand beaches, and lofty mountains to explore. In short, there is something here for every kind of tourist.

Today, Vietnam ranks high among the touristic hotspots of the world, because of its incredible landscapes and history. Every tourist must add Vietnam to his bucket list as it is indeed a spectacular travel destination.  It is very easy to reach Hanoi as it is well connected to other parts of the world by air. One can also take trains and buses to Hanoi, and one of the popular routes is to take buses or speedboats from Cat Ba island to Hanoi. Whatever mode of transport you pick, ensure that you make a safe and secure booking for a reliable booking platform.

Once you have explored the frenzied capital of Vietnam, it is time to look ahead and explore other parts of the country. Do not miss the chance to explore the brilliant, diverse artistry of the country that is nowhere to be found. Although there are fantastic panoramas and views all across Vietnam, there are some spots that should not be missed out by anyone.

Ho Chi Minh City – Your trip to Vietnam would remain incomplete without a visit to Ho Chi Minh City. The small central district is a crazy commercial hub of the country and holds most of the city’s brilliant collection of artifacts. Check out the grand Notre Dame Cathedral and the old district of Da Kao. Do not forget to visit the Jade Emperor Pagoda with Taoist religious iconography.

Hue – Another of the most historic towns of Vietnam is Hue, and it is located on the banks of the Perfume River. The Imperial Enclosure site sprawls across 2.5 kilometers and houses the Thai Hoa Palace and the gorgeous Ngo Mon Gate with finely lacquered interiors. Take a riverboat cruise on the Perfume River and visit several royal tombs along the way.

Sapa – The surrounding rice fields and the lush green countryside of Sapa are what makes it unique. Bordered by Hoang Lien Mountains, Sapa is home to one of the most beautiful rural vistas. Explore those deep valleys and meet the country’s ethnic minorities on your visit. Fansipan Mountain, the country’s tallest peak, overlooks those terraced rice fields and rippling hills within Sapa.

My So – My So is a ruined temple city that belonged to the Cham era and dates back to the 4th century. There are about twenty temple structures that are made of sandstone and bricks. Visit the museum on-site to get more information about the site and its history.

Hoi An – Another popular city in Vietnam, Hoi An carries a considerable baggage of surviving historic architecture. Explore the old town quarters that are indeed a joy for any history buff and look at those merchant houses that date back to the trading heyday of the 15th century. Tan Ky House from the 17th-century is a major draw for the tourist because of its fascinating architectural and decorative elements.

Halong Bay – Halong Bay is sure to spellbind you with amazing sea views. There are thousands of limestone islands and several UNESCO World Heritage Sites in its territory. Explore those caverns with weird stalagmites and stalactites. You can simply relax on the beaches and soak up the beautiful scenery and iconic views.

Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park – World Heritage-listed., the National Park is one of the world’s best-caving destinations. Honeycombed with vast caverns, it is a significant pull for all those who love caving, and the most popular is the Paradise Cave, which is truly spectacular. One can even swim through the cave-systems river or access them by boat.