As the city sheds its winter coat and blossoms into spring, STEREO Covent Garden emerges as the ultimate destination for those craving a taste of the season’s finest libations. A cocktail bar-cum-live-music-venue-cum-restaurant, STEREO recently unveiled its new spring cocktail menu – and it’s a banger.

Leading the charge is the enchanting concoction known as Precious Story. With a whisky base infused with delicate floral whispers and a citrusy kick, this libation, starring Whistle Pig Rye, honey and chamomile cordial, lemon, and a hint of absinthe, is the perfect whisky tipple for those warmer days.

Vanity Fair, a contemporary reimagining of the classic Cosmopolitan, takes centre stage with STEREO house vodka, Distil Yuzu, and the intriguing Bittermens Burlesque bitters. This cosmopolitan companion, crafted entirely from London spirits, boasts a unique blend of hibiscus, acai berry, and long pepper. Very easy to polish a few of these off.

Among the menu’s standout selections is Flying Paper, an audacious blend of Buffalo Trace bourbon, sesame, hibiscus, Amaro Montenegro, and lemon. This bold creation celebrates the art of contrast, marrying the rich sweetness of bourbon with the nutty flavour of sesame and the floral tartness of hibiscus. It’s a daring choice for those eager to explore new horizons in mixology.

Rounding out the ensemble is Sunset in Oaxaca, an exciting (and very delicious) twist on the classic margarita. Featuring Tapatio Tequila Blanco, orange blossom, and homemade STEREO rhubarb cordial, this cocktail offers a taste of the unexpected, blending traditional elements with innovative flair.

In short: this cocktail menu is pretty damn delicious. Head to STEREO – your taste buds will thank you.

35 The Piazza, London, WC2E 8BE  

Photo Credit: Addie Chinn