Aqua Kyoto, situated on Regent Street, has teamed up with Everleaf, the renowned non-alcoholic aperitif brand, to offer a special limited edition menu in celebration of Sakura season until the end of April.

Spring in Japan is synonymous with cherry blossoms in full bloom. Drawing inspiration from this natural spectacle, Aqua Kyoto’s bar team has crafted three exclusive non-alcoholic cocktails featuring Everleaf Mountain. This unique aperitif, made from sustainably sourced botanicals including cherry blossom, rosehip, and wild strawberry, boasts a rare Sakura extract. Hand-picked cherry blossoms from Japan’s Shizuoka region undergo a careful fermentation process, resulting in a drink with floral notes, a hint of marzipan, and a savoury finish.

The limited edition menu includes cocktails like of Sour Cherry Sour, a blend of Everleaf Mountain, Raspberry Syrup and lemon juice, garnished with foaming bitters and freeze-dried cherry;  the Sakura & Lychee Highball, a long drink featuring Everleaf Mountain mixed with grenadine, lemon juice and sugar syrup, topped with raspberry and orange blossom soda and garnished with cherry blossom and raspberry twig; and the Blossom Paloma Spritz with Everleaf Mountain, Shashimi torigashi agave, Lime juice and Grapefruit soda, garnished with paint and rice paper blossom. Each cocktail costs £10, with the option to have them with an alcoholic spirit for the price of £16.

Accompanying the cocktails is a special menu featuring dishes infused with Everleaf’s Sakura extract. Diners can enjoy delicacies like Tuna, Snow Crab, Scallop, Avocado & Sakura Crystal Oshizushi, Australian Wagyu Sirloin with Golden Baby Beetroots, and the Sakura Blossom Tree dessert.

5th Floor, 240 Regent St., London W1B 3BR