Embarking on a journey from the bustling metropolis of Los Angeles to the serene desert oasis of Two Bunch Palms in Palm Springs is a trip that transitions you from urban sprawl to tranquil desert landscapes. This drive, which typically takes about two hours, offers a scenic route that gradually leaves behind the city’s fast pace for the calm and natural beauty of the desert, interspaced with hundreds of dramatic wind turbines that cling to the hills around you.

Palm Springs, located by the nearby Joshua Tree National Park, has become a sought-after retreat for Los Angeles locals. Palm Springs, with its rich history as a playground for Hollywood’s elite in the mid-20th century, and Joshua Tree, known for its unique desert landscapes and spiritual vibe, both offer escapes that cater to a variety of interests from hiking and exploring natural beauty to indulging in spa treatments and the arts.

Two Bunch Palms: The Lowdown

Two Bunch Palms, nestled handily between Palm Springs and Joshua Tree, boasts a storied past, with origins dating back to the 1920s when it served various purposes including a brothel and a casino before transforming into a renowned spa retreat.

This resort, recognised as the first carbon-neutral resort in America, seamlessly combines its historical charm with a commitment to sustainability and wellness​​​​. Described as a mirage in the desert, Two Bunch Palms is indeed an oasis, with rooms tucked amidst towering palm trees and an expanse of land that encourages relaxation and rejuvenation. Our Grove Room, embodied simplicity with essential comforts that emphasise the essence of Two Bunch Palms; it’s all about the outdoor experiences rather than indoor luxuries. The room features a plush king-sized bed and generous bathroom products but all in all the indication was very much that while the accommodations are comfortable, the real allure is the natural beauty and wellness activities offered outdoors​​.

Two Bunch Palms: Outdoor Experiences

The outdoor experiences at Two Bunch Palms are truly transformative. From tennis on the resort’s courts to the serene practice of yoga in a dome designed to enhance wellness, there are a variety of ways to reconnect with nature and yourself. Most notable are the natural hot spring pools, providing a private sanctuary for relaxation and reflection. We loved lounging all day in our private plunge pool with perfectly heated mineral water. It’s here that Two Bunch comes into its own, with friendly staff on hand to help with the temperature of your pool or for a drink to enjoy it with. Within a few hours, we had left the stress of the city behind and felt like we had truly escaped to a relaxing oasis. It was all topped off with a sound bath session which, amidst this backdrop, further enhances the sense of relaxation.

Two Bunch Palms: Eat and Drink

Two Bunch Palms prides itself on its dining experience, with the farm-to-table restaurant offering nourishing dishes crafted from fresh, local, and seasonal ingredients. We had a delicious dinner there the first night and returned for lunch in the gorgeous garden settings the day after. The food felt both fresh, and more importantly super healthy, which was a relief to us having spent a few days in main LA eating on the go. This wasn’t fast food, it was farm food and it felt like it.

Two Bunch Palms serves as a holistic retreat that offers more than just a break from the everyday. It’s a destination that encourages you to immerse yourself in the healing powers of nature, to indulge in restorative wellness practices, and to enjoy the simplicity of serene desert life. The history of the area, the sustainable practices of the resort, and the unique blend of outdoor and spa experiences make Two Bunch Palms a must-visit destination for those seeking a meaningful and rejuvenating escape.

Photo credit: Stephanie Pia

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