Established in 1933, The Georgian Hotel boasts a storied past, once serving as a seaside retreat for Hollywood’s elite. It has, without doubt, one of the best locations in Los Angeles, mere steps from the iconic Santa Monica Pier and the sandy beaches, the hotel provides guests with unparalleled access to ocean views and an open door to the bustling Santa Monica atmosphere.

The hotel is a testament to timeless elegance, with a lobby and decor that could easily be mistaken for stepping into a scene from a Wes Anderson film – whimsical, colourful, and utterly unique.

The Georgian Hotel: The Rooms

We were lucky enough to be staying in one of the hotel’s very special rooms, a suite on the 8th floor, that gave us truly breathtaking panoramic views of the ocean and the city. Though such rooms come with a premium price tag of around $1,500 per night, the Hudson Suite at The Georgian Hotel encapsulates the essence of luxury with a blend of comfort and elegance.

It offers panoramic views from Santa Monica to Malibu, creating an ideal backdrop for relaxation and contemplation. The suite features an elegant lounge, a plush king-sized bed, fine Italian linens, and a Victrola Vinyl Record Player. The bespoke Splendido Bar, signature toiletries, and other premium amenities enhance the experience, making it a perfect setting for a serene retreat by the ocean.

The lower rooms are closer to to $1000 and still offer brilliant views albeit on the front only (no bad thing considering that’s where the sea is!). All the hotel rooms have been fairly recently renovated so everything feels nice and new and because they’re such a good size they provide a great base to work during the day or just sit and relax, we even had dinner in our room one night to make the most of the gorgeous sunset.

The Georgian Hotel: The Location

Santan Monica meanwhile is the perfect base for families or holidaygoers. It’s pretty much the only place in Los Angeles where you can walk everywhere and it has everything you need. From cinemas to shops, salads, smoothies and restaurants. What’s more, Malibu is just up the road, Venice down the road and West Hollywood is really only a twenty-minute drive on a good day. There’s so much to do around here from rollerblading to just walking and exploring the pier. The hotel provides the best location to see it all and there are even some old-fashioned bikes you can take out to explore the city in style.

The service at the hotel was not as slick as other LA places we tried. Our check-in was slightly chaotic with the two fairly old lifts being out of action with a photo shoot and we also received a charge on our card after leaving the hotel which is never a great thing. With that being said, the staff were very friendly and the team were quick to rectify the little things that went wrong during our stay. In a way, this is part of the charm of staying in a more independent hotel rather than a very large corporate place that runs totally like clockwork.

The Georgian Hotel: The Verdict

The Georgian Hotel in Santa Monica offers a distinctive blend of historical charm and modern luxury, making it a standout destination for those looking to immerse themselves in the quintessence of a California vacation. It’s less suited for the business traveller and more for those looking to indulge in a special occasion, surrounded by the beauty and vibrancy of the Cali coast.

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