Dubai boasts a dynamic culinary landscape, showcasing a fusion of international flavors alongside authentic Emirati dishes. The city is home to acclaimed restaurants recognized in the prestigious MICHELIN Guide and MENA 50 Best rankings, alongside charming local eateries that offer unforgettable dining experiences.

For those eager to embark on a culinary journey through Dubai, we’ve curated a selection of options ranging from farm-to-table concepts to immersive cultural and foodie walking tours.


A pioneer in the farm-to-table and sustainable dining movement, LOWE champions locally sourced, seasonal ingredients. Their innovative approach earned them a coveted Green MICHELIN star in 2022, notably for their ‘waste not’ menus, minimizing food waste. LOWE’s culinary ethos revolves around natural cooking methods over fire, showcased in their open kitchen featuring a charcoal grill, rotisserie, and wood-fired oven.

Al Khayma Heritage Restaurant

Nestled in Dubai’s Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood, Al Khayma Heritage Restaurant offers an authentic Emirati dining experience. With a focus on handpicked, farm-fresh ingredients, the restaurant serves up traditional favorites amidst a cultural ambiance, complete with courtyard dining and live music.


Harborside dining takes on a new meaning at 3FILS, where premium Asian cuisine with a Japanese twist is served in a communal setting. Recognized among MENA’s top ten restaurants for three consecutive years, 3FILS prides itself on sourcing quality ingredients, including imports from Tokyo’s Tsukiji Market, while infusing elements of UAE cuisine into their innovative dishes.


From the creators of 3FILS comes BRIX, a contemporary dessert haven offering handcrafted chocolates and unique sweet creations. Whether indulging in a Snickers-inspired treat or embarking on a multi-sensory dessert journey, BRIX promises an unforgettable culinary experience for dessert enthusiasts.

Neighbourhood Food Hall

Emphasizing casual community dining, Neighbourhood Food Hall brings together a curated selection of niche, homegrown brands offering global cuisines. Located in Motor City, this food hall is a beloved spot for those seeking relaxed dining experiences.

Orfali Bros Bistro

Recently crowned the region’s No.1 restaurant for the second consecutive year, Orfali Bros Bistro blends Arabian themes with multicultural influences in its exceptional dining offerings. With a menu inspired by the Aleppian roots of the Orfali brothers, this bistro promises a culinary journey driven by storytelling and flavor.

Frying Pan Adventures

Led by sisters Arva and Farida, Frying Pan Adventures offers immersive food tours, guiding visitors through the hidden culinary gems of Old Dubai. From Middle Eastern food pilgrimages to explorations of Dubai’s souks, these guided tours provide insight into the city’s diverse culinary landscape.

Seven Paintings

A groundbreaking dining experience curated by renowned food artist and chef Omar Satwari, Seven Paintings combines gastronomy with multimedia art. Guests embark on a sensory journey through a seven-course dinner accompanied by captivating visuals and storytelling inspired by the works of renowned artists.

Dubai Food Festival

Running from April 19th to May 12th, 2024, the Dubai Food Festival celebrates the city’s vibrant food scene with a myriad of events. Highlights include Dubai Restaurant Week and the Chef’s Menu, offering exclusive culinary experiences curated by Dubai’s top chefs. The festival also features master classes and four-hand dinners, providing opportunities to explore and indulge in Dubai’s culinary traditions.

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