We were delighted when Antler sent us a set of their gorgeous Clifton cases – by far the most stylish set of lightweight luggage we have surely ever seen. The cases, which come in ‘cabin’, ‘hold’ and ‘large’ sizes, glide like soft butter as they roll making them the perfect travel companion to any short, medium and long-haul travel this winter.

Inspired by Antler’s stylish Clifton cases, we thought we’d take this opportunity to round up five of our favourite places to visit during the colder months. Whether it’s a weekend break you’re craving, or something a little longer, our guide will take you from the tenements and vennels of Scotland’s medieval capital to an artists’ enclave in the Tuscan hills.

1. For Winter Sun: Six Senses, Ibiza 


The Lowdown: The party island of Ibiza finally has the ultimate hotel for relaxation. Six Senses Ibiza is the perfect alternative retreat for holidaymakers this winter. Of course, you will know Ibiza as the partygoers hot spot, but in winter this Balearic island has so much to offer. With an average daytime temperature of 15°C and up to 25°C once the sun comes out, visitors can enjoy relaxing walks in the Old Town, as well as endless possibilities for hiking, sailing and relaxing beyond the hotel’s spa.

Six Senses Ibiza is one of the world’s most discerning destinations for today’s generation of creatives and culture seekers. Having opened in July this year, with a focus on health over hedonism, the resort has one of the best wellness offerings of all the islands in the Balearics. Travelling with the Clifton cabin case in white, you’ll be ready to settle into a long weekend of relation. The hotel is set in a secluded paradise on the north side of the island – this is arguably the best place in Europe to switch off this winter.

2. For a Luxury Getaway: The Retreat Hotel, Blue Lagoon

The Lowdown: A four-day trip to Iceland’s famous Blue Lagoon with the Clifton hold case in mint will transform any winter blues. Set in the midst of sprawling lava fields and beside the shimmering lagoon itself, The Retreat Hotel is set in an ethereal location, and it will remind you the world is full of incredible beauty and wonder.

The lagoon’s restorative waters were discovered during development work at a nearby geothermal power plant. You can see plumes of steam coming from the facility today and a quiet reminder of the sheer potency of what simmers below the surface.

At night, a different kind of energy fizzles… the aurores boréales (aka Northern Lights) can be seen from the hotel during certain months. The hotel combines otherworldly landscape with Scandinavian design and it has been carved into an 800-year-old lava field, less than an hour from the capital, Reykjavík.

3. For a City Break: Eden Locke, Edinburgh

The Lowdown: Accompanied with the Clifton cabin in taupe, Edinburgh is the perfect destination for a short weekend break. Having secured its reputation as one of the most beautiful cities in the world, largely thanks to its mix of medieval tenements, vennels and wynds in the Old Town and the elegant Georgian New Town, the Scottish capital is the latest city to welcome a new Locke Hotel. Eden Locke – a new six storey aparthotel – has opened its doors and there has never been a better time to visit this thriving cosmopolitan city.

With Michelin-starred restaurants, a buzzy café culture, plenty of nightlife and a thriving contemporary art scene, Eden Locke opens its doors as the city’s latest, and most stylish, design-led boutique hotel with unparalleled views of the city.

The six-storey former townhouse has been transformed, re-energised and restored by leading New York architects Grzywinski+Pons. The meticulously stylish interior seamlessly blends the old and the new, combining the original features of the stunning Georgian listed property, with a dynamic, bold and creative approach.

4. For a Tuscan Escape: Villa Lena, Florence 

The Lowdown: Villa Lena, the popular artist retreat and agriturismo in rural Tuscany, has just made a very special announcement. For one week only, the hotel will be opening its highly coveted doors this December to celebrate the New Year. Welcoming guests back to the nearly completely self-sustaining villa, which is surrounded by farmland and gardens, from the 28th December with a full programme of activities… From authentic truffle experiences, to creative workshops and nature walks, and not to forget a gastronomic feast and entertainment.

During this unique seasonal experience, guests are invited to stay with Villa Lena’s creative family celebrating local Tuscan history, culture and food within an environment that offers friends and families the chance to disconnect from daily life and indulge in rest and relaxation in the Tuscan countryside over the New Year. Pack your Clifton hold in grey, because there aren’t many places that could be better to book for a very special New Year’s Eve…

5. For a 5* Stay: Royal Mansour, Marrakech 

The Lowdown: Famed for its magnificent, serene and unparalleled luxury, the Royal Mansour is the gold standard of luxury hotels. (The hotel has no less than 550 staff members – all the best in the business – to tend to your every need with charming and dedicated professionalism.) During the many months of travel restrictions and limitations, the hotel underwent a number of renovations as well as a new restaurant – “Yannick Alleno” – and a 6,000 square-foot swimming pool will be surrounded by a sundeck apportioned into “sun” and “shade” zones.

You will want to take your Clifton large in lilac, so that when you pull up in your chauffeur-driven Mercedes-Benz to the discreet hotel in lush planted walled gardens you feel the part. It’s not every day you can stay in a royal palace, but that’s exactly what Royal Mansour is. Built with no expense spared (there was no budget) by the appointment of the King himself, it really is a hotel that’s fit for a king!

Morocco has long been a favourite for travellers during the winter months, and with its new renovations the Royal Mansour, Marrakech should be high on your list.