The environment and climate change is always in the news. It has evolved from an occasional thought for most people to a daily consideration. But what can you do and what difference can you make? The only thing you can do is to amend your personal input to the climate – you can make the difference as an individual. Some changes are small such as turning off appliances at home to walking and using the bike as opposed to car journeys. These are the small things that can actually benefit you rather quickly, but what about the bigger actions that may seem more difficult to pull off?

When at home there are numerous changes that also seem almost too alien to contemplate, environmentally friendly heating is one of them. Surely new heating means a bloke with a spanner and a radiator key prising perfectly warm radiators off the wall? Is there a point? Well – yes there is, this new generation of radiators will often use the same fixings but they will often be smaller. These are smaller as they don’t need to same surface area to transmit the same heat, they also have in built digital technology which enables you to set the heat preferences. These advances ensure you do not have to heat a room you never use for any longer than necessary, so EcoHeat radiators are this Christmas’ must own heater. VeriSmart are a British company who offer free delivery and new products that focus on efficient energy use.


So either out and about or at home you can consider you impact on the environment. The major time sucker at home is the automatic and constant marching to the recycling bins and you do your best to segregate plastics from glass etc etc. You can now buy a bin which actually considers this and you can have a mini recycling plant in your kitchen without it looking like an eyesore.

For when you leave the house is a change of vehicle feasible? Buying an electric car is only a thought for most people as you would love to be one of those people who casually plug their car in at the supermarket. How cool does that look? No more spilling unleaded over your shoes or the feeling of disbelieve that the customer parked in front of you at the garage seems to be doing their weekly shop in the exorbitant petrol station shop. Electric cars are suddenly becoming cheaper but it is still an unusual vehicle to possess. Perhaps the most common car is the  and they have a new car out which is 100% electric rather than being a mix of petrol and electric. The cost can still be prohibitive so it’s still a consideration probably too far for most right now.

So from small beginner tips from turning off lights to changing your car you can take steps to a more environmentally considerate lifestyle. It just needs a bit of courage – it’s only tweaking behaviour rather than a jump into the unknown.