This summer, Bingo Rave event Bingo Loco blazed a trail around the UK and left a wave of outrageous memories (and hangovers) in its wake. Now, the full autumn/winter schedule has just dropped with a whole host of eccentric thrills and entertaining spills lined up for cities up and down the country, including an event at London’s Camden’s Electric Ballroom on 20th November.

Bingo Loco: What to Expect

Nights out don’t come much bigger, bolder, or brighter than Bingo Loco. These sensory-stimulating shows do everything supersized. They immerse you in a world of epic throwback tunes, showers of confetti, wild performers and so much more. To date, they have been hosted in theatres and venues across the world from New York to Dubai to Sydney, entertaining hundreds of thousands of people as it goes.

Known for a trademark sense of madness that has turned the traditional game on its head, Bingo Loco is all about carnage and chaos with sensational prizes ranging from the amazing (a shiny new set of wheels, a holiday to Vegas) to the absurd, such as a lawnmower or 10-foot teddy bears.

Not your classic Mecca Bingo format, expect epic dance-offs, massive throwback tunes, CO2 cannons, confetti showers, speed Macarena, foul-mouthed wind-up merchants, cheeky stage performers, lip-sync battles, fancy dress, outrageous props, and of course, a not so casual game of bingo. Fancy it? Grab tickets here.