Bourne & Hollingsworth, the multi-faceted townhouse in Clerkenwell, recently introduced ‘An Evening of (Seasonal) Indulgence’; a unique monthly dinner series celebrating the season’s best produce and enlightening the senses with an ever-changing menu and immersive dining experience with live entertainment.

Their next event is August 18th, and hitting the peak of summer, Bourne & Hollingsworth will champion the abundance of produce that the heat brings. Newly appointed Head Chef Matthew Harris and his team will showcase this with dishes to include Scottish girolles, white peaches, blackberries or apricots.

The night will feature a full choir surrounding the restaurant to sing in the dishes of food, a harpist playing both classical and contemporary pieces to accompany the dishes, a specifically designed fragrance given to each guest to enhance the dessert course, and indoor fireworks igniting in time with the entertainment as the dinner’s finale.

Tickets can be booked online here.