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Be honest, how much of a Breaking Bad fan are you? We LOVED the show to the point that we were tempted to move to New Mexico and spend our days go-karting with Aaron Paul, and since the show ended in 2013, we’ve been searching for something to fill the gaping hole in our hearts. And thanks to ABQ, we think we’ve finally done it.

No, we’re not talking about actually moving to the US state, but a Breaking Bad ‘themed’ pop-up bar in Hackney Wick – complete with THAT RV. This isn’t just any pop-up though, those amazingly creative folks behind ABQ give you the chance to get into the BB spirit by actually ‘cooking’ your own cocktails, a la Heisenberg.

As massive BB fans, we just HAD to try out the bar for ourselves and it was as fun as you’d expect.  The experience takes place in the surprisingly spacious RV, which fits around 20 people, and after a quick introduction to the rest of our team mates, it was time to cook.


Cue pulsing music, a glowing portrait of Walter White, a very convincing Jesse Pinkman look-a-like and a battle to get our first cocktail, ‘Blue Flynn’, cooked. Thankfully all the ingredients were pre-measured and the instructions were very easy to follow, and what do you know, the final product was very blue. To quote Jesse: ‘It may be blue, but it’s the bomb’.

Basically, it was delicious.

The next mix was for Saul’s Sorbet – a slushy daiquiri which involved lots of dry-ice, whisking and theatrical stuff. All in all, it was VERY cool. Alongside the second drink was a competition – the team who ‘cooked’ the best cocktail would win a shot. Unfortunately we didn’t win, but it’s the taking part that counts, right?


And then there was the trivia round – the hosts asked questions about Breaking Bad and right answers would earn you a drink. Think you’re a BB fan? These questions will test you so hard that you’ll be running home and hugging your boxsets. Okay, maybe that was just us…

Tickets for this brilliant bar are already sold out for a very long time, so if you want one you’d better click here to visit their website and grab it – they’ve just announced plans for Halloween, so seriously hurry! The whole experience is £30 for two hours in the RV, two of the cocktails and ENDLESS photo opportunities. There are also Breaking Bad themed props, including cookbooks and pink teddies – which we are now the proud owner of.

The cocktails are so good that we’ll be going back again – and to make sure we win that free shot…