London’s culinary scene is in for a treat as Arkestra, a Michelin-starred sensation hailing from Istanbul, makes its debut in the city at the celebrated Carousel in Fitzrovia for a four-day residency (Tuesday 2nd April – 6th April). Headed by the talented duo of Cenk Debensason and Debora Ipekel, Arkestra has been making waves since its inception in September 2022.

The restaurant isn’t your typical dining experience. With Cenk’s innovative approach to cooking, honed through years of training alongside culinary legends such as Alain Senderens and Gary Danko, each dish is a testament to his creativity and skill. Arkestra is the city’s first jazz-kissa-inspired listening bar, dedicated to hosting international and local talent curated by Debora (ex-Boiler Room programmer and NTS Radio host).

As for the menu, expect dishes like: Duck breast with apicius sauce, daikon, ginger apple chutney; Jerusalem artichoke mousseline; Seabass with sushi rice ice-cream ginger ponzu and nori chips; and a Yoghurt pannacotta with baklava crisps and sumac. Each evening, hand-selected soundtracks by Debora including funk, soul and jazz from around the world will set the tone.

Tickets can be purchased through the Carousel website here.