Let’s be honest; it is easy to see why bricks and mortar casinos have struggled to retain a strong player base in the modern age. Online gaming is stronger and more popular than ever, for example, while enhanced technology and the emergence of virtual reality in the consumer mainstream has made it easier than ever to experience a corporeal gaming experience online.

While you could play online casino games such as Big Chef online slot available to play at Royal Vegas, there is still something to be said for the majesty and grandeur of a luxurious, continental casino. Those of you with a traveller’s soul will appreciate this, as many of the great European road-trips are lined with some of the world’s most spectacular casinos. And if that’s not enough for you, try Genting casino promo code, for some casino fun at home. 

If you take the familiar route through the UK, France and central European hubs such as Germany, you will know that some of these casinos shine like beacons. So, here are our three favourite European casinos that can help you to pass the time while travelling:

The Clermont Club – London, UK

clermont club london

If you are a fan of luxury and exclusivity, the Clermont Club in London is the casino for you. This lavish structure is located in Mayfair’s high-end Berkeley Square, while it is surrounded by towering walls and gateways. It screams exclusivity, and with just six professionally managed gaming tables it is only accessible to established members. Acquiring membership is not impossible, however, and while this must be arranged prior to your visit it will offer you access to an opulent night of gaming, dining and incredible luxury.

The Casino de Monte-Carlo – Monte-Carlo, Monaco

Casino de Monte Carlo

If there is one location in the world that is dripping with wealth and luxury, it is the independent principality of Monaco. A magnet for the world’s high-rollers, Monaco (and the capital of Monte-Carlo) is predictably home to some of the continent’s best casinos and most luxurious gaming experiences.

The Casino de Monte-Carlo is the pick of these, however, drawing celebrities, successful businessmen and even royalty from all over the world. It is also home to more than 1,000 slot machines, which represents the largest collection in Europe and entertains millions of players on an annual basis. It is also known as a family-friendly location, however, and it is a must-see for anyone with a taste for the high-life!

Casino Baden-Baden – Baden-Baden, Germany


This casino is even older than the Casino de Monte-Carlo, having opened its doors way back in 1809. It has often been described as the ‘most beautiful casino in the world’ and this is certainly true from an artistic and design standpoint. At more than 32,289 square feet it is certainly one of Europe’s biggest casinos, with 113 slots and a total of 20 popular table games. Far removed from the bright lights of the Vegas Strip and the opulence of Monte Carlo, the Casino Baden-Baden emits a timeless elegance that belongs to a bygone age.