So you have finally decided to get in shape and really feel good about yourself and your body. However, you find running and cardio dull. What are the new workout classes that will make exercise fun? Grab your shoes, comfy (and fashionable) workout gear and head to class.

The Force Be with You

Star Wars fan? There is a class for that, a new workout routine called Awaken Your Force. This class includes the use of a lightsaber, mixed martial arts moves, strength and cardio, and stretching all taught by a Jedi master.

While it may sound a little out there, getting a workout on while indulging your inner geek may be just the ticket to motivate you to get to the gym. Remember in this class though, there is no try. There is only do, or do not.


Want to get high when you are working out? No, this is not about a drug regimen, but about doing aerobatics. There are already aerobatic yoga classes, but there are a number of studios nationwide where you can now take lessons and learn to perfect whatever circus acrobatic skills you desire with professional instructors.

Remember, safety is a key concern, and you may have to work your way into shape. This type of high-flying workout can’t be any more dangerous than the rigors of cross-fit, right?

Bounce Around

Ah the days when getting a workout was as simple as going to the trampoline in the back yard and learning to do some tricks. Miss those days? Your inner eight year old might be quite pleased by TrampoLEAN’s workout that involves a whole lot of time on a small trampoline.

Including jump squats, jump lunges, planks and resistance band curls, this isn’t a workout for the faint of heart, but if you like to get moving around and bouncing rather than just standing in a Zumba class, this is a great alternative.

Jump Around

Remember jump rope games at recess? This is another flashback workout, one that takes you back to those carefree days with legs that are a little more experienced than those of your 12-year-old self. A class called Punk Rope includes boot camp type cardio and strength drills along with some cool team challenges and relays when you are not skipping rope.

This is, of course, not the only class where trainers and others are offering jump roping as a part of cardio. It has long been known to be a source of hand-eye coordination, cardio, and leg fitness.  Check a gym near you if you are ready to jump around.

Pedal and Sing

So a regular spin class is not really your thing? Well, Crunch fitness has the answer for you if you don’t mind belting out a tune as you ride. Their class, known as Cycle Karaoke, involves riding your bike to a playlist created by the instructor, but who also passes a mic around, so you can sing at the same time.

Not ready for your own solo? No worries. Just tell the instructor you want to be an audience member, pedal away and enjoy the show.  Remember, not everyone who wants to karaoke should, so be prepared for the good and the bad in this class, but it can certainly be entertaining.

Air Drumming

Okay, it is not exactly air drumming, but in the class Pound, participants exercise with weighted drumsticks and drummer like moves to get their heart rate going. You’ll do yoga, cardio, and even use your drumsticks on the ground from time to time.

This is a great class that combines heart thumping movements, but your hands will probably feel the burn the next day unless you are an actual drummer and used to the pounding. A great alternative to the same old “dance classes.”

Seven Minutes

Too busy for a long workout, the drive to the gym, or even a 45-minute class? Another great rage is the scientifically tested seven-minute workout. This routine essentially uses your body weight for a quick, all over routine that is a form of High Intensity Interval Training. This is a great way to get in shape without a huge time commitment.

However, this workout is not a miracle worker. You can only do this type of workout every other day or you will risk injury. You may need to supplement your quick workout with a longer, stronger one.

There are literally hundreds of workouts and classes out there, but not everyone is right for every single person. You have to find what works for you. These seven workouts might include something you would like, or they might spark ideas for other alternatives. Whatever you do, simply pick out the workout that works best for your mind, body, and your schedule.