As we’ve already covered the best fashion bloggers to follow, now is a good time as any to move on to the greatest fitness bloggers! Spring has arrived and the moment is ripe to get out there for some much needed exercise (if you’re not a dedicated gym-goer already).

“The individual who says it is not possible should move out of the way of those doing it.”

We hope this list of fitness fitties will inspire you to document your own path to a healthy and active lifestyle. Whether that’s through Instagram or even creating your own website, we always love to find new blogs that have some beautiful and inspiring photos, as well as great recipes and motivational tips. Take a look here in the ‘Beauty, Wellness & Healthcare’ section for cool templates if you’d like to go down the blogging route. So who should you follow out of all the bloggers? Here are some of our favs:



Not only is Jera a complete stunner (that toned stomach!), but her Instagram pics are always fun and quirky. Jera has only recently joined the blogging world after quitting her job, so her content is still building, but expect a ton of solid advice and great pics and stories to inspire you very soon.

Jera’s blog

Jera’s Instagram

Photo Credit: Workout Bean

Zanna Van Dijk


London-based blogger Zanna is that enviable mix of gorgeous, fit, and strong! Her toned body looks like something out of a superhero comic, so we wouldn’t be surprised if she’s a night-time vigilante as well. From weight lifting tips and travel diaries, to motivational guidelines and debunking certain nutritional myths, Zanna has it all and will keep you encouraged to get fit this summer.

Working with big brands like Adidas, Tommy Hilfiger and more, Zanna has also written a soon-to-be published fitness book, has her own activewear, and is a co-founder of the #girlgains movement, which is a programme designed to inspire and empower women. Like we said, a superhero!

Zanna’s blog

Zanna’s Instagram

Photo Credit: Zanna Van Dijk

Madeline Bourke


Another blonde bombshell, Madeline has been documenting her change in body shape for several years now. And boy, has all that effort paid off! With bikini bod pics sprinkled amongst delicious-looking healthy treats, Madeline’s Instagram is a must-follow for anyone needing a little extra push to start a fitness regime.

Furthermore, her blog posts have a nice mix of beauty, style, inspiration, travel, food and drink, as well as solid fitness and activewear guides. Check out Madeline’s blog posts to see more info on her workout routines and diet.

Madeline’s blog

Madeline’s Instagram

Photo Credit: Madeline Bourke

Clean Eating Alice


You’ve probably heard the name! Oh man, those abs. Alice Liveing has become an Instagram sensation; she loves sharing her passion for healthy living as ‘Clean Eating Alice.’ The 22-year-old from Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire, has gained hundreds of thousands of followers after she began her healthy journey – and people love her healthy breakfast ideas. Her book comes out this week, and we think it’s going to be a huge summer hit!

Clean Eating Alice’s Instagram

Photo Credit: Clean Eating Alice

Carly Rowena


Carly is a fitness blogger and personal trainer from England, who is all about balance and finding a healthy and happy way to feel incredible in your own skin. She’s currently working on her very own Ebook which I know will give you everything you need to reach your fitness and body goals, and her Instagram is full of colour, workouts and delicious looking food.

Carly’s Instagram

Carly’s Blog