Getting personalized gifts has become the new trend. Stores create items for the same purpose in bulk, so adding a dash of individuality to one such piece can change its whole meaning.

You don’t need to throw tons of money to surprise someone with a unique and valuable gift. Sometimes, a simple vintage item can go miles!

All you need is a few bucks, a small insight into the preferences of your loved one, and the nearest thrift or vintage store. Read this guide that will lead you to the perfect vintage gift.

Vintage Shopping Guide

What makes vintage so appealing is the history of the piece you’re buying.

Vintage shops are currently stealing the spotlight from many brand new items because of the sustainability, material, and quality (depending on the thing you’re interested in). There are various old-fashioned pieces you can gift, and here are our top picks.

Vintage Clothing for All Fashionistas

If your friend is an aspiring fashionista with hard-to-impress taste, then vintage comes as the best solution.

Firstly, you can find some iconic staple pieces that reshape fashion rules every time you put them on, like striking dresses, shoes, or cool tops.

Secondly, some items never go out of style. Take Levi’s jeans, for example. No one disputes jeans being always in because they go with everything. You can find a variety of vintage clothing on Vintage&Rags, including the super affordable Levi’s Jeans.

Finally, vintage may bring rarity. Parisians, for example, have two rules about fashion. One, looking good is not always comfy. Two, never allow yourself to be a walking ad. The best-dressed Parisians don’t buy items you see daily- the rare ones make the magic.

Bottles or Cofee to Go Cups for a Boss Bestie

If your best friend or loved one is a busy bee, and you cannot see them often, give them something that will remind them of you.

Visit Vitage&Rags, opt for bottles and coffee-to-go cups, and make your pick. These flasks and mugs are of high-quality, sustainable materials, and the best part is the retro undertones.

That gives them a distinctive look, so they’ll be reminded of you whenever they prepare their coffee.

Jewelry for Decoration Aficionados

If your loved one is into accessories and wants to surprise them with a special item, you can go for some retro ring or necklace. Many vintage stores have all kinds of jewelry that bear some history, adding more to the importance of the gift.

You would not only let your friend add more to this jewel’s already rich past but will also give them a piece that can bring a dash of glamour to their outfit. And who can say no to that?

Affordable Designer Pieces

If your best friend or loved one is investing in their closet by buying only selected brands, many vintage stores have clothing and shoe items from at least a dozen popular brands like Guess, Calvin Klein, or Ralph Lauren.

Vintage shops keep thee at high quality, and more importantly, the prices are way more affordable than purchasing the same brand but a new collection.

Best Gifts for All Sports Shoes Addicts

In recent years, sports shoe addiction has spread among everyone. There’s nothing better than having shoes that match your everyday lifestyle. And even better when these are comfortable.

You can search online for the closest vintage stores to you and browse their shoe section. For example, Vintage & Rags has many sports brands under its wing with various high-quality trainers, sneakers, or shoes.

If you know your friend has a sports shoe addiction, look no further for the perfect gift – comfort and practicality are always in!

High-End Bags for All Bag Fans

Today, men and women love to complete their style with a bag. That accessory is not only practical, but it can make or break an outfit.

So, if your anniversary is coming, and you still haven’t decided what to get for your partner, check out the bag’s corner at a vintage store. You will find exceptional pieces of all shapes and sizes, and according to your partner’s lifestyle, you can determine the most suitable dimensions.

Vintage Gifts Final Say

Vintage gifts aren’t just eco-friendly and inexpensive presents. The item may have a price, but the value is priceless. Any item before it turns vintage must complete 20 years first. In other words, it’s a mark of an era.

Honestly, is there a better gift for a childhood friend than a piece reminiscent of the trends when you were carefree? You can even gift a vintage item to any other friend or loved one. Ask them about their favorite childhood memory, and start searching for a present that would evoke them.