You’ve probably noticed a serious shift in the beauty world recently, where high-tech ingredients rule and routines can extend to a dozen products. These days, it seems a degree in dermatology is required to navigate the department store beauty halls. Now you could knuckle down and get studying, or you could just read this no-mess guide to the best new serums on the market, each one targeted to make the change in seasons an effortless feat. Read on to discover the new-season launches really worth their salt. We promise no industry jargon is included:

1. The Balancing One: Malin +Goetz  Recovery Treatment Oil


What: Malin + Goetz has always been a go-to for simple, effective skincare that won’t upset a sensitive complexion. The brand’s latest launch is the Recovery Treatment Oil, which marks a new foray into ultra-premium skincare (loyal fans will note the brand-new blue glass bottle)

Why: It contains a blend of nine natural oils that combine to create a powerful skin-protecting elixir. There’s evening primrose and argan to boost hydration, rosehip to deliver a vitamin C boost, and geranium to reduce inflammation. Particularly suited to upset complexions, it’ll work to normalise oil production over time, resulting in balanced, happy skin.

Price: £62

Where: Take the opportunity to pop into the brand’s shiny new Monmouth Street store, where you should probably grab a bottle of the cult Detox face mask too. Just saying.

2. The Illuminating One: Omorovicza Instant Perfection Serum 


What: Dreamy Budapest spa brand Omorovicza is beloved for its ultra-luxe serums, and this October it welcomes a brand-new addition: the Instant Perfection serum.

Why: This one is formulated for dull, lacklustre skin – so a dream for anyone who dashes in and out of a central-heated office. It’s oil-free and super lightweight, so sinks in seamlessly, and contains encapsulated hyaluronic acid (a superstar plumping hydrator.) The USP here is the brand’s patented delivery system, but un-furrow that brow: all you need to know is that it’ll sink into your face, not your pillow.

Price: £80

Where: Exclusively at Space NK, or online.

3. The Nourishing One: Aēsop Lucent Facial Concentrate


What: Lucent Facial Concentrate is the latest apothecary bottle of goodness from our favourite Aussies, Aēsop.

Why: It’s specially concocted for cold, dry climates, and packed with minerals to control excess sebum production.  It leaves a slightly matte finish, which is perfect for oily complexions, but can be layered under one of the brand’s moisturisers on combination skin. It’s fragranced with rose, so a real joy to use, and looks pretty great on your bathroom shelf too.

Price: £77

Where: At Aesop stores nationwide, and online.

4. The Budget One: The Ordinary Advanced Retinoid 2%


What: Don’t be fooled by the name here, because new beauty brand The Ordinary is anything but. The latest launch from Deciem (the guys behind game-changers like Grow Gorgeous and Niod) is a super easy line of to-the-point skincare that makes light work of high-performing actives. My favourite of the bunch is the Advanced Retinoid 2%, because it can reverse pigmentation and erase fine lines better than anything else on the earth.

Why: I know what you’re thinking – I’ve got the price wrong! You can’t get a retinoid for £8! But the simple truth is, when you stick to a simple, scientific formula and ditch the fancy flourishes, you can. This clever bottle contains (unsurprisingly) a 2% concentration by weight of advanced retinoid with minimal bells and whistles – that’s how they keep the price so insanely reasonable. It won’t come with a gold-plated spatula or a celebrity backed marketing campaign, and it doesn’t smell like rare Bulgarian roses, but it will sort ageing or sun-damaged skin out without draining your bank account. Winner!

Price: £8

Where: Online. But be quick, they don’t stay in stock for long.

5. The Wildcard: Skyn Iceland Plumping Lip Gels


What: Skyn Iceland’s new Plumping Lip Gels are the best beauty product you never knew you needed. I know, it’s not strictly a face serum, but I‘m bending the rules for this one because it’s that good.

Why: You’ve probably never used, or desired, a targeted serum for your lips, but that’s because you’ve never used Skyn Iceland’s latest innovation. Don’t be fooled by the gimmicky appearance (they’re basically a sheet mask shaped for your lips) because the expert blend of natural actives works to plump and renew, and the results are both immediate and visible.

Price: £30

Where: At Marks and Spencer nationwide and online.