Christmas is, as they say, “all about family.” But it turns out that there’s a lot that you can do to make the experience even better than just plain old conversation. Accessories are potent tools that you can use to reaffirm family ties and bring people together.

It’s now 2019, meaning that there are all kinds of products on the market designed to improve your family experience. Here are some accessories that will take your Christmas get-together to the next level.

A Games Box

Christmas is one of the only times in the year when the family gets together. Games boxes, therefore, are a welcome accessory for getting everyone joining in.

What you include in your games box is up to you. Classics include Pass the Pigs and Trivial Pursuit. New games include things like Game Night In A Can.

An Ice Cream Making Kit

While the weather might be cold over the holiday season, that doesn’t mean that ice cream isn’t on the menu.

This year, though, why not do ice cream a little differently? Instead of scooping it out of a tub in the freezer, why not make your own?

Making ice cream is a lot of fun and something the whole family can enjoy. The beautiful thing about it is that you can experiment with flavours that the mainstream manufacturers would never dare sell.

Let’s say, for instance, that you and the family are on a bit of a health kick and want to experiment with healthy flavours that you wouldn’t usually find on the supermarket shelf. Well, with an ice cream maker, nothing is stopping you. You could make matcha ice cream, ice cream made with real berries, and even ice creams that use healthy Christmas spices, like cloves and cinnamon.

Movie Night Popcorn Kits

There’s a good chance that at some point over the Christmas period, you and your family will settle down in front of the TV and watch a good old-fashioned movie.

A film without popcorn, however, is like a bride without a dress or a roast dinner without gravy. It feels naked.

A popcorn maker is a perfect way to avoid those soul-destroying bags you buy from the supermarket. All you do is put the corn kernels in the popcorn maker, and then it’ll heat them to just the right temperature to make them pop. It’s the perfect delicious snack for watching all your Christmas favourites.

Popcorn not your thing? You can grab a marshmallow toasting kit too. What a great gift idea for Christmas.

A Pizza-Making Kit

While Christmas is famous for turkey roast dinners, stuffing and Brussel sprouts, nothing is stopping you from making pizzas over the festive period. And lord knows, people love pizza!

What exactly is a pizza-making kit, I hear you ask, besides a great gift idea for Christmas?

Truth be told, it can be pretty much anything that makes making pizzas a little easier.

Some pizza making kits are just a couple of pizza bases, the tomato sauce and some toppings that will stay fresh at room temperature. Others, though, are a lot more sophisticated. Some, for instance, give you the pizza base mix and instructions for how to make it. They also sometimes come with a pizza peel – a unique tool for removing the pizza from the oven.

The fun of pizza-making, though, is all the toppings you can try. Gather as many as you can and then let each member of the family create their own.

Anchovy and pineapple anyone?

Personalised Snuggle Blanket

Personalised snuggle blankets are one of the best gift ideas for first time home-owners. Not only can you write fun, family-themed messages on them, but they’re also great for keeping everyone warm. Kids and couples love using them to cuddle up by the fire.

Family Mug Set

Once the presents are open, and dinner is out of the way, it’s nice to sit back, relax and enjoy a brew.

And what better way to do that with a personalised family mug set?

If you search for personalised mugs, you’ll find all kinds of companies offering services that let you create whatever design you want, personalising to make a unique Christmas gift for the family. You can use these services to customise whether it’s mugs or something else in any way that you like – perfect for creating something that appeals to every member of the family.

Roku TV

Watching stuff on TV is a big part of the Christmas experience, but if you stick to the terrestrial channels, you don’t always have a lot of choices. Sure, you can watch reruns of The Snowman and the Queen’s speech, but sometimes you want something a little more tailored to the interests of your family.

Here’s where services like Roku come in. Essentially what they do is aggregate all of the digital TV services that you might want to use into a single view screen. You can watch Netflix if you have an account, Amazon Prime, YouTube, Rakuten, and catch-up TV – whatever you fancy. There’s everything on there, from make-up tutorials to Ancient Alien documentaries. Take your pick!

Family Card Games

While card games are often seen as gifts for him, they’re also an excellent choice for the whole family. What’s more, you don’t have to stick to playing old chestnuts, like Blackjack or snap – there are loads of options out there today.

Monopoly, for instance, is often considered a board game, but the creators Hasbro offer a card game too that allows you to become an uber-capitalist without a board.

There are also some pretty funny games out there too. Face Off, for instance, is all about making weird facial expressions and trying to make the opposing team laugh. It’s a great ice-breaker if you haven’t seen your in-laws for a long time!

The holidays are a time to celebrate, draw a line under the end of the year and build bonds that will last well into the next. Use the gift ideas for him and accessories we’ve discussed here to bring your family closer together.