The supper club renaissance is truly upon us. All across London, supper clubs are positioning themselves as the answer to the perfect Saturday ‘night in’ as opposed to the age-old Saturday night out in Shoreditch. London is embracing a new age of food sharing experiences, so if you haven’t already, it’s time to get involved. If you want to host an unforgettable evening for your guests that’s bursting at the seams with incredible food and great company, take a look at our list of the London’s best supper clubs:

London’s Best Supper Clubs: Dinner Ladies

London's Best Supper Clubs, London's Best Supper Clubs: Dinner Ladies, dinner ladies supper club Dinner Ladies

If you’re looking for a supper club stalwart, look no further than Dinner Ladies. This dynamic London-based supper club offers seasonal food that’s both delicious and different. These trained chefs serve food from across the globe; their inspiration derives from their experiences teaching cookery in Asia, as well as extensive worldwide travel. With tailor-made menus including delicious dishes such as their Asian spiced beef cheeks with potato & carrot “crabmeat”, stir-fried pak choi and five spice jus, there is no way you can go wrong.

London’s Best Supper Clubs: Italian Supper Club

Italian Supper Club

Italian Supper Club owners Toto and Silvio are bringing the Italian tradition of long, relaxed and ruddy delicious dining to London. Combining the founders’ fondest food and drink memories of both Italy and London, Italian Supper Club’s menu is full of great seasonal food, moreish wine from small family-run vineyards and a unique vibe that only Londoners can bring – open-minded, eager exploration of new things. How does a toasted cereal pannacotta with salted caramel sound?

London’s Best Supper Clubs: Smoke & Salt

Smoke & Salt

Smoke & Salt are the epitome of fresh, seasonal British cuisine with a delightful sprinkle of London’s diverse international culture. Their small and experienced team have created a menu where flavour takes centre stage with the help of ancient culinary techniques of smoking, curing and preserving. A particular highlight is their incredible shisho lamb shoulder with peas and baby beetroot – you heard it here first.

London’s Best Supper Clubs: The Waterhouse Project

The Waterhouse Project

The Water House Project offers a fantastic 8-course seasonal tasting menu with 5 glasses of paired wines and an aperitif. Each course is greeted with a short introduction by the chef, Gabriel, and carefully paired by sommelier Jonny who is currently training to be a master of wine. This is truly a supper club to impress. All of the food is sourced from the very best suppliers including Androuet London, Fin & Flounder, Lake District Farmers and Norfolk Quail, ensuring that every dish is a cut above.

London’s Best Supper Clubs: Salty Studio

Salty Studio, London's Best Supper Clubs

Adding a pinch of salt to every dish uplifts the flavour. Salty Studio’s supper clubs revolve around the idea that if you combine all five senses to tell an experiential food story, you won’t forget it. They work through the medium of food but they also use graphics, design and technology to create their unique experiences to remember. Tell them what you’re celebrating and your ideas for your event and they will analyse, translate and transform your celebration into an incredible, interactive edible experience.

London’s Best Supper Clubs: Eleven98 Hackney

Eleven98 Hackney, London's Best Supper Clubs

Eleven98 kick off proceedings with a punchy cocktail before your guests settle down to take a pew and delve into a sequence of six carefully curated tasting courses. Everything on Eleven98’s menu comes from Hackney, the borough in which chef Aidan Brooks was born and bred. Aidan’s interactive style of service means he’s on hand to offer insightful details behind each dish as it’s presented, explaining to your guests how with every bite they’re eating a tiny bit of Hackney. Who’s for Hackney-bred Duck with rhubarb and miso butterscotch then?

London’s Best Supper Clubs: The Kochi Kitchen

The Kochi Kitchen, London's Best Supper Clubs

A surefire supper club hit, The Kochi Kitchen creates unique dining experiences inspired Kerala, South India. The aim of The Kochi Kitchen is to always bring vibrancy, variety and unbelievable flavours to your plate. The menu includes some completely mind-blowing dishes – our favourites were the Keralan coconut dal with tomato salad and aubergine crisps and the cider and cinnamon pork belly with roasted fennel and cumin – need we say more?