Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to treat your other half and let them know just how much you appreciate them, and if you’re single; well, it’s probably best to stay off social media around the 14th February! So, for those who are interested in just how much Valentine’s Day impacts us, here are some fascinating figures on just how the UK celebrates the 14th February.

Who spends the most money?

1 in 2 of us plan to spend money on Valentine’s Day, whether that’s through a gift or taking someone out to celebrate. However, men and women aren’t exactly created equal in this department. It’s women who are expected to spend less, with 18.7% of women actually more likely to spend nothing compared to 13.2% of men.

Men are 3 times more likely to spend more than £200 than women; but remember, it’s not all about the money! Sometimes a simple, romantic gesture is all you need. Despite this, 59.6% of us will buy a gift for our wife our husband this Valentine’s Day.

The most romantic demographics in the UK

London and Northern Ireland are the two areas most likely to be celebrating 14th February, with 73.5% and 73.2% respectively. For those living in Yorkshire and the Midlands, where is your romance? Only 35% of people living in these areas will be doing anything to commemorate Valentine’s Day this year.

When it comes to generations, it is Generation X that spend the most on Valentine’s Day, with an average of £33.94. This is followed by millennials, and closely behind are the baby boomers.

Not surprisingly, 69.3% of Generation X will be celebrating with 68.8% of millennials.

Buying gifts on Valentine’s Day

If you’re planning to buy a Valentine’s Day present, the most popular suggestions include perfume, flowers, chocolate or paying for an experience day. Despite this, 50% of the UK rarely receive Valentine’s gifts, so if you’re on the fence this year; do something romantic!

Valentine’s Day is truly a day everyone can get involved in. 4.7% of us plan on buying a gift for our kids, while 4.5% of us will be buying our pooches a Valentine’s gift. So, whether you’re single, married or it’s complicated, get involved on 14th February and show someone you love them!