Betting online can be a minefield for beginners. Follow this easy guide that will get you up to speed.

Set your budget and avoid games or casino sections

When you are betting it’s very important that you set a budget. Be very disciplined about how much you are going to gamble and don’t go over your budget. If you win stick to the budget and don’t bet more than necessary. It’s very easy to get carried away chasing losses, which is one of the major pitfalls of gambling. Sports betting websites will try to get you to visit the games and casinos sections of their websites, where they make the most profit. The sports sections are much more reliable so it’s best to stick with those.

Use more than just one bookmaker, read the rules carefully and research the betting market

To get the most value for money it is best to shop around and look at the different odds at each of the bookies for the sports you want to bet on. Find out which of them give the best value so that you have the best chance of making a profit.

Every bookmaker has a specific set of terms and conditions and you must read them carefully otherwise you can get caught out very easily. Spend a lot of time reading up on how to bet and read up on all of the terms used in the industry. It’s easy to make mistakes if you don’t fully understand the betting market.

Stop chasing any losses and make use of sign up bonuses

If you lose just put it down in your budget and stick to it. You have to keep a clear head and try to remain a bit detached from your emotions. Betting can be extremely addictive and if you aren’t careful it’s very easy to start trying to place new bets to make good on your losing ones.

Almost all of the online bookmakers will give you a sign up bonus which will give you either some free bets or incentives such as extra winnings on your first few bets. Get a bet bonus code.

Look out for any restrictions on stakes

Some bookmakers don’t want to take bets and will put a very low limit on what they will accept for that bet. When you add money to your account look for a restriction and check the max that you’re able to bet on that particular event.

Keep an eye on the weather and don’t drink while betting

In sports as many of the events are outdoors you have to check the weather. Sometimes a team’s performance can be bad if it’s raining, meaning that the opposing team might have an advantage. Keep a clear head and don’t risk making mistakes or getting carried away while betting. Stay off the alcohol until your betting is done.

Watch every one of the events you bet on

This will give you a good idea of which odds have changed as you watch the match. Sometimes odds change for the better and you could have got a better return if you betted during the game instead of before.