The MOT test was introduced in 1960 in a bid to reduce the high, and growing, number of road accidents. It is designed to ensure that not only are cars less likely to get into trouble through breakdowns, but also that they can, should something happen, be controlled long enough to get them safely off the road and be visible enough to other road users so they can be avoided. The modern test has begun to include environmental factors – emissions, checks on catalytic converters and so on – as we become more aware of the higher incidences of illness that are found along heavily trafficked roads. So you see, the MOT test is an important contribution to the safety and wellbeing of a great number of people – it is also a legal requirement for using the UK’s wide network of roads and motorways.  In metropolitan areas like London,Yorkshire and even Scotland it is required by the law to now have a proper MOT certificate while driving.

How can you pass your MOT on the first attempt? Let us take a look.

Swot Up

Just as you wouldn’t try to take an exam without studying for it, nor should you take your car for its MOT without knowing exactly what the inspector will be looking for. The full MOT checklist is updated fairly often, so you should save a live link rather than download a copy of the MOT checklist (it can be found here) to be sure of seeing all the latest additions – for example, in 2018 correct tyre inflation was added to the checklist because of the advances in tyre manufacture which mean that they work superbly well at optimum inflation, but not quite as well when over- or under inflated.

Do What You Can

Once you know what the inspector will be looking for, you can take steps to go over your car yourself. You might not be able to check if your emissions are okay, but you can check many of the other smaller items, such as having a clean car and clear views all around, ensuring the mirrors are in place, properly fixed and in a good position to assist your driving. You can also make sure you do so within the month preceding your current MOT certificate or registration anniversary. A professional MOT garage will help you with transparent procedures. In Scotland, there you can book Fife Autocentre for MOT in Dundee or other nearby areas . Their centres are approved by the government appointed Vehicle Operator Agency (VOSA)

Combine with a Service

When you book your MOT, why not have your annual service (or an interim ‘short’ service) immediately before the test? This way, your mechanic can check all those things that you can’t (emissions, the various systems under the hood: suspension, exhaust, brakes, fuel lines and so on) before handing the car over to their resident MOT inspector for the test. This is a great way to leave the garage after your successful MOT test knowing that your car is not only roadworthy but in good overall condition too. The MOT does not check how well your engine is running – that would be something for the mechanic to work on.

Be a Mindful Driver

But the best way to make sure you sail through your MOT test without any issues is to always drive carefully, sensibly and mindfully. Your car is a sturdy machine, but you can make a lot of difference to its durability – and the ease with which it passes the MOT test – with the way you treat the vehicle over the entire year, rather than just in the month or two preceding the test when you are more aware of strange rattles and funny noises from the depths of the vehicle!