Has anyone else got drinking fatigue right now? Yes, we love the festive season, but blimey our livers have taken a bit of a battering through December. In some ways, we’re relieved to be doing Dry January, to give everything a rest and feel all wholesome while we’re at it.

Dry Jan used to mean Diet Cokes and orange juices all round, however nowadays it’s a much more exciting affair with the non-alcoholic replacements at a higher standard than ever. When we’re ready to even contemplate the idea of having a wine again (we reckon around the second week of Jan), these are the non-alcoholic options we’ll be digging into, cheers!

1. The REAL Drinks Co

What: Tiger Hill (£72 for a case of 6)

The Run-Down: REAL produces naturally fermented sparkling tea and is the a solid alternative to
Champagne and Sparkling Wine. Expertly sourced, hand-picked loose-leaf teas are naturally fermented for all the depth, flavour and complexity of a fine wine, even without the alcohol.

Tiger Hill is a highly innovative, first-of-its-kind, limited-edition sparkling red wine made through the natural fermentation of exquisite Darjeeling teas. Tiger Hill is a combination of two seasons; Tea leaves from the first and second flush harvests are combined to deliver a lively character for a truly exceptional naturally nonalcoholic sparkling.

Where: Online here

2. Pale Fox

What: Pale Fox Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Wine (£19.95)

The Run-Down: In a forgotten corner of Northern Italy, where the Venetian coastal plain rises to form the first foothills of the Alps, lies the Valle delle Volpi (Valley of the Foxes), home of the Pale Fox range.

Pale Fox’s Non-Alcoholic, Single Estate Sparkling Wine is produced by verifying a still white wine, then using reverse osmosis to separate out the alcohol, before finally adding the effervescence. Their 2021 non-alcoholic vintage is a blend of Trebbiano grapes from Abruzzo and Pale Fox’s own prosecco grapes. The result is complex and celebratory, with an extra dry balance of acidity, fruit and classic yeasty notes.

Where: Online here

3. L.A Brewery

What: Sparkling English Blush (£10)

The Run-Down: Founded in 2017, L.A Brewery was born out of founder Louise Avery’s love of foraging for natural ingredients and creating beautifully balanced, non-alcoholic drinks that support a healthier lifestyle.

Inspired by summer rosé wines, L.A Sparkling Blush combines summer’s seasonal flowers with a gentle
hint of rhubarb. The gentle fermentation brings a crisp complexity, combined with floral notes of hops & elderflower and the tart top note of rhubarb for a delicately dry and floral fizz.

Where: Online here

4. Plus & Minus

What: Plus & Minus Non-Alcoholic Pinot Noir (£10)

The Run-Down: Plus & Minus is a contemporary range of wines developed to be richer in antioxidants, minus the alcohol. These zero-alcohol wines have been hand-made without the use of any artificial sweeteners but do see the addition of grape skin extract (GSE) during the winemaking process. 

Real Pinot on the nose, Plus & Minus Pinot Noir brings the iconic taste of a deep and complex red in an alcohol-free wine. Deep and savoury with a touch of sweetness, herbs and spices with a natural fruitiness bring these complementary flavours together for a taste that gets better with every sip.

Where: Online here

5. Sinzero

What: Sinzero Chilean Chardonnay (from £11.25)

The Run-Down: Hailing from Santiago, surrounded by the snow-capped Andes, the Sinzero range is made up of three products, all of which are under 0.5% alcohol. Winemaker Paula Bottero has ensured that each variety has been carefully crafted to ensure they are just as delicious as traditional wines.

Made with grapes from the most prestigious valleys in Chile, this alcohol-free and vegan Chardonnay has fruity notes on the nose, with peach, banana, and a touch of green apple. On the palate, the fruit flavours come to life, with a hint of lively acidity.

Where: Online here