Whether you’re taking part in Dry January, a teetotaler or fancy laying off the booze for a bit, a new booze-free pop-up is heading to Hoxton for two weeks (5th – 20th January 2024). Torstig, meaning “thirsty” in Danish, is the famed alcohol-free bar in Brighton and is a love letter to Copenhagen’s low and no-alcohol culture. 

From January 5th to January 20th, the Torstig pop-up promises a series of exciting events and partnerships with the best and brightest in the alcohol-free space and further. Torstig is set to revolutionise the world of alcohol-free cocktails, meticulously crafting their signature serves to capture the essence of beloved classics. The secret to their success is the extensive research that goes into each drink and the use of premium alcohol-free products. 

Tumbol – If you like a Negroni

Tumbol emulates the classic Negroni, known for its bittersweet and sophisticated taste. The drink starts with recreating the distinct bitterness traditional Campari but replaces it with a hibiscus-based alcohol-free spirit. The Danish Gin provides herbal and botanical notes, reminiscent of gin’s characteristic flavours. The AF dry Vermouth adds a touch of dryness and complexity, balancing the sweetness of the hibiscus. Altogether, Tumbol offers a well-balanced blend of bitterness, herbal complexity, and a hint of floral sweetness, making it an excellent alcohol-free alternative for Negroni enthusiasts. 

Orso – If you like an Old Fashioned

Orso pays homage to the timeless Old Fashioned. The flavours are rich and deep, with the warm, caramel notes of a traditional Old Fashioned. Orso achieves this with a blend of handpicked alcohol-free products that bring the comforting taste of aged spirits without the alcohol content. Orso is the embodiment of classic sophistication, with a touch of sweetness and a lingering, slightly smoky finish. 

The remaining cocktails from the signature list follow the same formula and cover everyone’s favourite serves, including: 

– Agerup – if you like a margarita 

Lokken – if you like a clover club  

Logstor – if you like a dark and stormy 

– Humlum – if you like a pornstar martini  

– Strandby – if you like an espresso martini 

Ringkobing – if you like an amaretti sour 

93 Kingsland Road, London E2 8AE