About Time is serialising the work of photographers in Through the Lens: a regular column that will look at cultures and destinations across the globe. First in the series is the work of Keith Barnes. Keith has been absorbed by image making for 45 years and in 1982 he made his passion his work. He works to live, likes to travel and travels to photograph. Many of his images reflect his love of travel and his interest in people. He also runs photographic courses. Visit his website: www.keithbarnesphotography.co.uk

Photographers have the enviable job of revealing untold stories and giving new angles to the ones we already know. What better way to daydream about our next far flung jaunt than to peruse that somewhat artistic arm of anthropological social studies – travel photography – making us want to book the flights right now.

Oxford-based professional photographer Keith Barnes travelled to south-east Asia last year to observe and capture Cambodia and the daily lives of its people. He said of his work: ‘I am interested in most areas of photography but light and spaces that evoke memories or give off a whiff of emotion and atmosphere are an enduring draw.





‘I am also fascinated by people – without a camera in hand I am still taking pictures in my mind, people-watching.

‘I feel I am very lucky to have a passion that can be undertaken at any time – capturing with a camera is just the final act of seeing.’