While Nashville, Tennessee, is most well-known for being the epicentre of country music, the city and the surrounding areas also provide some beautiful scenic routes.

In addition to wonderful views of luscious hills, sprawling plantations, and colourful trees, there are plenty of attractions to take in along the way. If you are considering cruising Tennessee, check out the following top scenic drives around Nashville.

The Natchez Trace Parkway

This 444-mile parkway roughly follows the path of the Old Natchez Trace, which was a historical route used by Native Americans and later by early European explorers, traders, and emigrants. 

Parts of the original trail are still accessible, but whichever parts of the Natchez Trace Parkway you travel along, you are in for one of the most beautiful drives in Tennessee.

The tree-lined route extends from Nashville to Natchez in Mississippi and links the Cumberland, Tennessee, and Mississippi rivers. 

If you are not up for driving the entire length of the beautiful Natchez Trace Parkway, one of the best drives is the 38-mile journey between Collingswood and Hohenwald. The rolling hills and endless trees are out of this world.

The Jack Trail

Some of the best things to do in Nashville TN involve country music. Nashville is, after all, called Music City.

You could visit the world-famous Grand Ole Opry or take a trip to the Johnny Cash Museum. But if you want to feel closer to country music legends, you are sure to enjoy driving The Jack Trail, which features many of the small towns that produced some of the country’s finest stars.

The 375-mile trail is also incredibly scenic. One spot you should definitely stop at is Radnor Lake State Park, which was Tennessee’s first protected ecosystem. Nearby, you can sample drinks at famous distilleries and take in the views of wine country’s far-stretching hills and fields. 

Furthermore, there are some superb restaurants along The Jack Trail, so you can take things as leisurely as you like.

Briley Parkway

You may not automatically think of a freeway as being a scenic drive, but Briley Parkway is an exception. The state route, which covers a distance of nearly forty miles, loops through Nashville and has some very pretty spots.

For instance, you get to cross the Cumberland River twice, at different points. The Briley Parkway not only provides natural scenic views. It also offers wonderful views of Nashville from afar and takes in historic places like the Grand Ole Opry.

Named in honour of Beverly Briley, who was mayor of Nashville for three terms between 1963 and 1975, Briley Parkway is a lovely journey to take if you want to get to know Nashville, its prominent sights, and its surrounding natural beauty.

Hillsboro Pike and Tyne Boulevard

If you are looking for a more urban drive that is still breathtakingly beautiful, head to Hillsboro Pike and Tyne Boulevard. The two roads are near to each other and the whole area is brimming with gorgeous trees and infamous green hills. 

Sitting among some of the greenest foliage in all of Nashville, you will find multi-million-dollar houses that are owned by the rich and famous. Get hold of a digital or paper tour map to find out who lives at the luxurious and stunning homes in Hillsboro Pike and Tyne Boulevard.

The Tennessee Antebellum Trail

On the Tennessee Antebellum Trail, you get to journey through beautiful plantations and historic antebellum architecture. Covering a ninety-mile loop, the trail begins and ends just outside of Nashville. 

Most of the homes along the trail are open for daily tours, where you can learn about the history. There are also numerous historical sites in the area, including civil war battlefields. You can even stop off and partake in the Tennessee Antebellum Trail Ghost Tour one evening if you are feeling brave.