When you think of going to a new destination, using you DNA to figure out new places is probably the last method on your mind, even though it is a rising trend in the world of 21st century tourism. DNA travel, in addition to other modern trends, are part of the reason more people are seeking out interesting experiences away from the norm, and you can check here for more information on the best DNA test kit for your next prospective adventure.

In case you are looking for new prospective adventures, sometimes DNA travel is the way to go. It helps you rediscover your roots and gain a new appreciation for your past, present and future – here are some ways to use it to make your travels more meaningful.

The basis of DNA tests

Who you are is because of your DNA, and this means it will also reveal clues to where you come from and who you are. The results can be unexpected from what you may think, and that can form the basis of your next travels.

The results that you get overall will depend on the testing company that you send your samples to, as different testing companies will have different databases. Keep in mind that the results you get might be imperfect, because of this factor. However, as long as the company has an impressive database, they can work with samples they obtain from different parts of the world, and use the results to determine the closest possible ancestry lines you have.

That also means that the larger their database, the more accurate the results will be. For instance, some testing companies even have genealogical information that dates back to the 1700s or 1800s, and these are the testing companies to go for.

While studying your sample and figuring out where you are from, the company will also work closely with genealogists from different parts of the world, and these must have extensive knowledge of certain regions and the genetic makeup of the people living there. The information they obtain will also include other factors such as languages, family histories, and logistics related to research.

What to do with your results

There are many things you can do with the genetic results you have after a test, for instance knowing the risks that can develop regarding your health and working with your doctor to minimize them.

In case you want to plan for a trip, on the other hand, there are some components that are useful in planning, and they are:

  • A tour guide who will guide you throughout the trip
  • A review of the family tree and its history (done before the trip begins)
  • The DNA kit and its results

Many people are also interested in knowing the roots of their families, and their cultural backgrounds.

Tour companies are also recognizing that DNA heritage trips are becoming big business, so they are more willing to organize for tours. This eliminates the burden of planning on your end, especially if you have little to no familiarity with the place you are heading to. These benefits include:

  • You work closely with a genealogist, who will give you plenty of guidance throughout the trip. They will also use their knowledge of the area to take you to interesting places, even those that are off the ‘typical tourist path’.
  • You can also plan out the trip and know the places you want to visit
  • If the DNA test is done by a reputable company, the results will be highly accurate

There are some issues that might come up with the entire process though, and it is important to also keep them in mind. For instance:

  • DNA tests are generally very expensive, and some of the best companies that offer these tests will charge them at high rates. It is easy to understand why, as there is plenty of research that they must do in order to establish your cultural and historical family background, as well as relying on other professionals in related sectors to figure out some issues.
  • It is easy for the trips to take a heavy toll on tour companies as well, because of the research they must do before taking you to the area. The cost also includes consultations, especially with historians, anthropologists and genealogists, who have extensive knowledge about the area.

Final thoughts

Using DNA to plan out your next destination might seem odd, mostly because of how expensive accurate DNA tests can be. However, it is worth the effort, as it can become a great learning opportunity for you and your family, and bring a new sense of cultural and global awareness.