Spending your summer holiday in France is a great way to relax and unwind, and wherever you go you’ll be sure to discover delicious food and interesting towns. The best weather can be found in the South of France, which is very popular with holidaymakers. The scenery is fantastic, there is great food and wine, the area is rich in history, and there are many different things to do and see.  So if you haven’t done so already it’s about time you discovered the South of France.   


Carcassonne is a hilltop town in southern France and is popular for La Cité, a medieval citadel that has double walled fortifications and numerous watchtowers. You can take a boat ride along the Canal du Midi, a 240 km long canal that offers spectacular scenery and great wine. There is also a bike trail along the canal that you can cycle on. You can visit the Lac de la Cavayère which is close to the town of Carcassonne and Basilica of Saints Nazarius and Celsus, a basilica with Gothic-Romanesque architecture. A few other places to visit are Musée des Beaux-Arts, Parc Aquaviva, Maison Des Collectivités and Portail des Jacobins.


Marseille lies in southern France and is a port city found by the Greeks in 600BC. It is known for its fabulous sea food and 19th century styled market places and is the perfect destination for a weekend break. Be sure to visit the Old Port of Marseille where there are several fabulous sea food restaurants, waterfront cafes and stylish hotels. Visit the catholic basilica Notre-Dame de la Garde, the city’s highest point, to have a spectacular view of the city around you. You can trek on the Massif des Calanques and it is also a great spot for kayaking. A few notable architectural sites are Marseille Cathedral, Palais Longchamp, Parc Borély and Porte d’Aix.


Biscarrosse is a town on the Atlantic coast in the southwest France known for its lakes and beaches. Aquitaine is a traditional region in France known for its delicious farm products such as foie gras, truffles, asparagus, Bayonne ham and Cassoulet. You can rent a villa on the Aquitaine coastline, a beautiful stretch of coastline popular with surfers and holidaymakers looking for a peaceful retreat. Visit the stunning Lac de Biscarrosse et de Parentis which is a lake popular for camping. You can visit the Museum Hydraviation to learn about the seaplane’s history and see many original planes and models for the same. A couple of other places to visit are AquaPark Biscarrosse and Casino de l’Océan.


Avignon is set on the Rhone River and lies in the south eastern region of Provence in France. It is a bustling city with rich heritage sites and a diverse culture. You can visit the Palais des Papes (palace of popes) where the popes fled to Avignon from the corrupted Roman Empire. You can see the historic remains of Pont Saint-Bénézet which is a famous https://www.abouttimemagazine.co.uk/travel/about-time-organised-group-holiday/ medieval bridge. Take the time to watch The Luminessences Avignon, a light show staged in the courtyard of the pope’s palace. Be sure to visit Durance, a river in Avignon known for river rafting, fishing and trekking. Explore the Rocher des Doms, a hilltop park with views of the river and the countryside.