Your wedding is one of the best days of your life, so it’s only natural that you want to capture those wonderful memories and enjoy them over and over again. You may have hired a professional photographer for the day and have a series of beautiful moments to look back on in glossy photo albums, but what about trying something a little different?

Your day will have been undoubtedly special, but being creative with how you keep and share those memories will help you relive your special day in more brilliance and make sharing these moments enjoyable for the generations to come. In this post, we’ll explore some wonderful ways to make your wedding memories last a lifetime.  

Aluminium Prints

If you want to highlight the brilliance and clarity of your most favourite wedding shots, why not bring them to life with some aluminium prints from hellocanvas? This modern and industrial take on the traditional canvas print means that these beautiful prints are virtually indestructible and can survive anything! Aluminium prints can even be used outdoors which means you can even decorate your garden, yard or outside space with your most cherished wedding day moments. With razor-sharp quality, these prints are even UV resistant, which means they won’t fade in the sunshine and you can enjoy them for years to come.

Create a Wedding Video

Many couples hire a videographer for their wedding, as there’s nothing more enjoyable than watching back the happiest day of your life in full HD. However, if you didn’t hire one for the day, then don’t despair. Reach out to friends and family who may have captured some video elements or short recordings on their smartphones on the day. Ask them to send them to you, and then you can edit together a DIY wedding video you can watch over and over again.

Make Retro Memories

If you’re wedding is still yet to take place, then how about going old school with the photography? Placing disposable cameras on the tables at your reception and asking guests to use them to take photos throughout the night will certainly leave you with some interesting and probably hilarious results! Just make sure guests don’t take the cameras home with them!

Create a Memory Box

There are dozens of items you could place within a memory box, all of which have sentimental meanings for you and your partner. The cork from your first bottle of champagne, the cake topper, confetti, flowers preserved from your bouquet, a copy of your vows, the hair clip that held your veil in place – the possibilities are endless.

Ask For Advice and Words to Cherish

Set up a box in your reception with cards that guests can fill out with either words of wisdom or kind words of love you can both cherish. It’s a wonderful way to capture the words of relatives and loved ones who won’t always be here.

Final Thoughts…

Remember to be as present as possible on your wedding day in order to get the best possible memories of your special day!