The way you choose to style your hair can help you express your personality, and it also plays an important role in feeling confident in your appearance to a lot of people. Even if you are someone who has never put much thought into hairstyling, if you were to suddenly find yourself with thinning hair or bald patches, chances are this would give you a bit of a shock and make you feel self-conscious.

While there are various suggestions for shampoos, oils, and even certain hairstyles that can help you to treat hair loss and hide those problem areas, sometimes these options simply aren’t enough. This is where a hair transplant comes in, and if this is a treatment you are interested in, you might want to consider traveling to London to have it done. Below is a little more information on hair transplants and why London is a popular choice for these treatments.

What Is a Hair Transplant?

Two different types of hair transplants are available, FUE and FUT. Both can succeed in promoting hair growth in the areas where you might have bald patches or thinning hair, and which option you choose will partly be down to preference, partly what your consultant recommends for your circumstances.

The FUE procedure consists of individual hair follicle units being extracted from the scalp and then transplanted to the area that is being treated. This is a slightly longer procedure but can offer a quicker recovery time. The FUT option requires a strip of donor skin to be removed from the back or sides of the scalp, and then the strip is transplanted to the treatment area. It can take up to 5 weeks to recover from this specific procedure.

Who Can Qualify for a Hair Transplant?

A hair transplant will not be the right course of action for everyone. You need to have enough healthy hair on your head to use for the transplant, so not someone who is already entirely bald, for example. Those who suffer from alopecia are also not desirable candidates for a hair transplant. Ideally, candidates are men and women who have been dealing with pattern baldness for a few years but still have enough healthy hair to use for this procedure. If you’re unsure, book in for a consultation to find out whether a hair transplant would work for you and your circumstances.

Why Go to London for a Hair Transplant?

There are many excellent hair loss clinics with incredible trichologists all over the globe, but there is a reason why you should consider a visit to London to book an appointment at a hair clinic. Not only is it a great opportunity to see this big, vibrant city, but it’s also home to the famous Harley Street. Here you can find all kinds of private specialists, particularly in cosmetic treatments like hair transplants, to choose from the best quality care. You can also combine your time there with seeing a West End show, dining out at some lavish restaurants, and taking in all of London’s incredible sights.

If you have been suffering from balding or thinning hair and have reached a point where you want to do something about it, consider looking at some of the incredible hair clinics in London and book in for a consultation.