Nowadays, there is much responsibility on the homeowner in terms of looking after all aspects of the property. And when it comes to taking care of the internal workings of the home, various elements need proper attention and care all-round the year. One of these elements is double-pane or insulated glass windows. Double-pane or insulated glass windows are becoming an essential part of modern homes. You can not only see them in residential areas but in offices as well. The insulated glass has so many benefits. First of all, it possesses an energy conservation property by which it can preserve the heat and keep the cold out from home. It also provides better security for the area because of its insulating value.

So, now, in taking care of your home, the first thing that you need to consider is the double glazing. It is one of the critical assets of your home that is of great worth. In terms of protecting this asset, you need to know everything about the insulated glass windows. For example, you need to know how these windows work and what the elements are that make it cloudy, fog up or break. To help you to understand all this, we have highlighted some important information about the insulated glass in this post. We will help you to know the basics of insulated glass, its components that affect its efficiency and the repair options when it gets cloudy.

What is insulated or double-pane glass?

As the name suggests, insulated glass or double-pane glass consists of two parallel pieces of glass. These two panes together make up the full window. There is a space between the two panes of glass where the dehydrated air or a particular gas is present. Moreover, there is a seal on the perimeter of the glass. It does not allow the outside air to enter the hollow gap between the panes. In short, the space between the panels along with the glass and gas helps in increasing the insulation.

It can also make your home or office space more energy-efficient. That is why experts always recommend replacing the single-paned windows with insulated glass windows. It can help you in getting an improvement in insulation quality for a long time. These days, most of the homeowners are paying attention to the insulated glass windows because they want to enjoy a comfortable and cozy home.

Why does double glazing glass fail?

Always keep in mind that insulated glass is not only impressive but is reliable too. According to the survey reports, the failure rate of insulated glass has decreased to just 1 percent after a long period of ten years. But a time comes when this insulation fails. Many factors cause problems in windows and doors. One of the most critical factors is terrible weather. Moreover, they have to undergo expansion and contraction according to hot and cold weather.

What causes the insulated glass to become cloudy, foggy or to break?

Various factors cause the windows and doors to face the failure of insulation. If you want to repair the insulated glass from fogging up, you need to know the reasons that result in foggy windows and doors.

  • The heat from the sun

One of the primary reasons that cause insulated glass windows to fog up is the heat from the sun. The sunlight is the only factor that causes problems for those windows and doors that are facing direct sunlight. Sunlight not only damages the window seals but also causes the insulated glass to expand due to heat.

  • Spacing material that holds the two panes apart

The spacing material that contains the two panes apart also causes the insulated glass windows to become cloudy and break. Aluminum used in the spacing area allows the conduction of heat. So, you should avoid using it. Instead, use stainless steel or rubber.

  • Water damage

The water damage also affects the efficiency of insulated glass.

  • Old windows

With time, windows and doors also get old due to which they lose their power of insulation. As a result, they fog up and become cloudy. Such windows with less insulation capacity also break very easily.

Repairing the foggy insulated glass

The hazy appearance of the insulated glass results from the moisture that enters the gap. The damaging seal creates this moisture. To deal with the problem of fogginess and condensation, you need to keep an eye on your doors and windows. Determine the signs that can create this problem. To repair this foggy insulated glass, unfortunately, there are no DIY repair ideas. But, there are many options that you can keep in mind to solve the problem of fogginess from the glass.

  • Look for the manufacturers who provide reasonable warranty period

One of the most critical steps in reducing the risk of foggy glass is to look for the windows that are best in quality. Always try to go for those windows that have a reasonable warranty period. If the seal of the window fails in a specific time frame, you need to contact the manufacturer for a warranty.

  • Adopt the defogging services

In case of no warranty protection, you can go for defogging services to make your windows look good without replacing them. The experts can help in removing the moisture from the glass panels keeping everything in place.

  • Replace the seal

Instead of replacing the whole glass window, try to replace the seal that is causing problems.


In taking care of the home, double-glazing is the first aspect on which you need to work. It plays a significant role in the makeup of your home or office. The windows that have double-glazing glass helps in preventing water damage and leakage. It is because of the secure external seal along with the internal seal, which is water-resistant. If you want better insulation and security in your home at the same time, go for insulated glass windows. Moreover, if you want to make your home more energy-efficient, you need to go for insulated or double glazing glass. Always consider the repair options for it to reduce the risk and eradicate the problem.