Italian fashion is synonymous with high-quality style and elegance. But, this isn’t just seen through clothing. Now, luxury luggage creations are making a statement, too. This guide will take you through eight of the best luxury luggage brands around, heavily influenced by Italian designers and trends.

1. FPM

FPM is a luxury luggage brand that creates designs with the modern-day jet setter in mind. Founded in 1946 as Fabbrica Pelleteria Milano, you can expect to find a whole range of luxury leather goods when browsing the FPM collection. This brand combines simplicity with class, creating stunning statement cases that will clearly stand the test of time. The craftsmanship of FPM luggage is one that can’t be missed.

2. Tucano

Tucano is another leading brand in the luggage sector. Born in 1981, the company proposes unique collections of handbags, suitcases and duffel bags.

What makes Tucano different is the colourful patterns and design that distinguish the brand – whose name is inspired by the toucan bird. But the brand’s peculiarity goes beyond colour. Tucano luggage is aesthetic and functional, ergonomic to carry, and very easy to use. Most of the brand’s options include useful laptop pouches – a statement that shows Tucano is spot-on on trends.

3. Roncato

Roncato is more affordable than other luxury brands, but it’s still at the epitome of elegance. The brand manages to combine optimal functionality with refinement and beauty in a way only Italians would be able to do.

Roncato offers several lines to meet everyone’s needs. Sports and leisure products are gathered in a unique collection that’s suitable for shorter trips or the gym. The rigid suitcases are enclosed under the 2.0 Line. Made of rigid polycarbonate, they’re scratch-resistant and large. The soft and light Sidetrack line suitcases have 4 recessed wheels for smoother gliding and better stability. The company also gives customers the possibility to customise their suitcases.

4. Valextra

Valextra has been producing strictly leather suitcases since 1937. The style that distinguishes this brand is essential, pure and elegant. Travel accessories, trolleys, suitcases and extras respond to the style that has been the cornerstone of the brand since its creation. The lines are pure, discreet and simple, inspired by functionality. The only downside? Valextra comes with a truly hefty price tag.

Photo credit: Valextra

5. Alviero Martini

Famous for their geographical map print, Alviero Martini’s bags and trolleys are the epitome of travel. This particular theme has stuck with the brand since the ‘80s, but you can rest assured an Alviero Martini bag will never run out of style. Luxury luggage aside, the brand also manufactures men’s and women’s shoes, handbags, and accessories, so you can easily mix and match your travel look to fit into the same theme. All 1st Class trolleys from the brand are fitted with multidirectional wheels and a telescopic handle that is removable and adjustable in height.

6. Piquadro

Piquadro is one of the oldest luxury luggage brands, famous for creations that combine style and absolute functionality. All suitcases are capable of perfectly meeting the most common requests and needs. The external parts of the trolleys are in fact equipped with pockets and spaces for storing the most varied travel items. But Piquardo doesn’t stop here. Most of the brand’s luggage is also technologically advanced and able to communicate with the owner via apps or integrate power banks you can use to charge electronics.

7. Carpisa

Carpisa is one of the most famous Italian brands and a reference point for many travellers. The characteristic that distinguishes this brand is certainly the high proportionality between quality and price. The history of the brand began in 2001, the result of a combination of ideas of two families that over the years have positioned themselves in the Italian and international luggage fashion landscape.

All Carpisa trolleys and travel bags are aimed at a wide target thanks to the enormous variety of colours, prices and products. The values ​​that have always been directly identifiable in the products are accessibility, elegance and a youthful and dynamic spirit.

8. Paoli

Paoli operates exclusively in the Italian region of Tuscany and is particularly characteristic for its finishing lines and a blatant intent to create a product that refers as much as possible to an ancient or, better still, retro effect. The leathers used for suitcases, bags and travel accessories are of remarkable quality. The refined and specific style makes all its trolleys and travel bags capable of evoking romantic and dreamy feelings, mixed with a completely personalised elegance. Each Paoli luggage set is customisable, unique and handcrafted according to the customer’s taste.

You deserve to look your best at all times, including when catching a flight. Any one of these luxury brands will be sure to help you travel in style.