Every season brings challenges to skincare, but winter may be the most challenging of all. Skin takes a double dehydration hit, as temperatures drop on the outside, but soar on the inside as we blast the central heating. Here’s what you need to keep the derma-dewiness happening.

1. For Dry Skin: Linda Meredith

What: Linda Mereditch: Collagen Synergie Spray-On Facial (£105)

The Lowdown: Winter dehydration can put skin into hibernation mode, forcing it to rely on reserves of essential nutrients. Collagen Synergie combats this with a two-pronged approach, containing both soluble native collagen molecules, which replenish and hold more moisture in the skin, and Natural Moisturising Factors (NMFs) which are a combination of some of the most powerful ingredients that draw moisture from the atmosphere and help to retain it in the skin. The combination of the two allows the absorption of other ingredients – including Radish Root extract and Soluble Native Collagen Molecules – to work at their optimum levels, as they are more easily absorbed. Just spritz a few pumps of the spray directly onto your face and massage it in; studies show that moisturisation levels increase by 19% in just 4 weeks.

Where: Buy here 

2. For Damaged Skin: Isla Apothecary 

What: Isla Apothecary Skin Balm (£35)

The Lowdown: As well as being PETA-certified cruelty free and vegan, Isla Apothecary products are a total treat for the skin, no matter what the season. In winter, however, their luxurious Skin Balm will support and energise the skin, providing anti-oxidant protection against damaging radicals. The result? Balance and moisture are restored, inflammation is reduced, cell turnover is facilitated and the skin’s protective barrier is strengthened. Lightweight and non-greasy, it’s an indulgent blend of pure, cold-pressed fruit, nut and plant oils and skin-vital vitamins; on contact with the skin, it literally melts for rapid absorption and is so gentle and spreadable that you can even use it to remove eye makeup. 

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3. For Dehydrated Skin: Skinade

What: Skinade (£105 per course of 30; also available in a travel sachet to dilute in water)

The Lowdown: Multi-award winning Skinade is the beauty product that you drink – not hard to do, especially in a season when we’re drinking like never before, which in itself, along with lack of sleep, dehydrates the skin further. As a liquid collagen, Skinade not only increases skin hydration, radiance and suppleness, but also reduces fine lines and wrinkles and boosts elasticity, while its full vitamin profile also provides Vitamin B which has a detox effect, helping the skin flush out  any impurities. Why a liquid? Drinking, rather ingesting, the collagen protein (there’s a mighty 7000mg of it in every 150ml bottle, which is the equivalent to about 20 standard tablets) makes it more immediately digestible, so it’s not broken down and compromised, but delivered in its purest form to work from the inside, out. It also triggers the body’s own collagen production, which in turn pumps up hyaluronic acid production, all of which boosts hydration and great-looking skin. 

Where: Buy online 

4. For Dull Skin: Skin Republic 

What: Skin Republic Brightening Vitamin C Face Mask (£4.99)

The Lowdown: We’ve pretty much known since we were kids that Vitamin C, with its antioxidant properties, is a cold weather essential, warding off lurgies and keeping us sniffle-free – but our skin can also especially benefit from its health-giving properties at this dark, damp time of year. Not only will it put a whole lot of glow back into your skin, but also protect it – much like it does for your immune system – against the ravages of winter, as well stimulating collagen production. This sheet mask is absolutely drowning in 25 ml of ultra-hydrating, luminosity-boosting serum, which not only leaves you plenty for fingertip application over the following days but also leaves your skin looking bright, even and radiant: an absolute winter winner at a bargain price.

Where: Superdrug

5. For Tired Skin: Vitamin Injections London

What: VIL’s Collagen & Vitamin Complex Shots (£110 or £990 for a course of 12)

The Lowdown: It’s 100% worth getting over any dread of needles for a Vitamin Injections London treatment: VIL’s Collagen & Vitamin C complex delivers 100% pure Collagen Extract directly into the bloodstream, so you get a glow-inducing dose of winter resistance. The combination of this powerful trio will not only supplement whatever your body may be lacking, but also help to boost your body’s own collagen levels, plumping up skin right when all of those lovely things about winter – yep, central heating, cold weather and dark mornings – can leave it looking dull and pallid. “In addition,” says Bianca Estelle, Founder of Vitamin Injections London, “B Complex and Vitamin C will also help to boost your immune system during the winter months, keeping illness at bay and encouraging usual metabolic functioning.”

Where: 98 Crawford St, Marylebone, London W1H 2HL