Trying to conserve space in a tiny bathroom can be tricky; here are five tips to making the best of your bathroom size without having to scrimp on the essentials.

1. Shower-bath combinations

Instead of sacrificing your bathroom space to house a bath and a shower cubicle, consider installing a shower-bath combination. With very small bathrooms, it can be tempting to do away with the bath tub altogether and opt for a shower cubicle, but getting rid of your relaxing, candle-lit bubble baths is a big – and unnecessary -sacrifice to make. A two in one bath-shower combination will give you the best of both worlds without forcing you to compromise on space. A shower curtain is a better accessory than a stiff glass curtain, too; shower curtains are more malleable and can be swept back easily to give the impression of more space in the bathroom. You can find a whole range of shower-bath combinations or small cubicles at Better Bathrooms.

2. A corner sink

The ultimate space saver has to be the corner sink. Sinks are a necessity in a bathroom, but finding a sink that’s the right size and design to fit in with the rest of your bathroom can be tricky. In small bathrooms, sinks can look unsightly, taking up too much room and appearing as the dominant area in the bathroom. Corner sinks, on the other hand, can be easily installed into corner spaces to fill areas that would otherwise remain empty and conserve space.

3. Decoration

Thinking carefully about your decor can help to maximise space. Lighter colours are better suited to small spaces than dark colours and can help to emphasise light in tiny areas to give the illusion of space. Dark colours, on the other hand, make things seem smaller and aren’t the best choice for a bathroom. Whites, light blues and fair coloured woods are an ideal choice for bathrooms. Horizontal stripes are also a good tool to use if you’re trying to maximise space. Horizontal stripes have the effect of making things look bigger (as any woman who has tried to pull off a horizontal striped maxi dress will know), and a small space, they can be a real space saver.

4. Mirrors

Putting mirrors around your bathroom is a great way to give the impression of more space, particularly if you have also installed a lot of light. Whether it be one large bathroom mirror positioned above the sink, or a number of small mirrors splattered around, the effect will be immediately noticeable. Adding in a few carefully selected mirrored accessories will also help to further the reflective effect and give the impression of additional space.

5. Floating units

A floating sink unit is an ultra-modern solution to the problem of not having another space; the fact they are lifted from the floor helps to give the impression of additional space, and items can be stored easily beneath them, providing another element of storage in a space-strapped bathroom. If more storage space is needed, consider installing floating shelves on the walls in place of ground-based storage units. Shelves will give you the storage space you need without you having to sacrifice precious floor space.