What am I going to buy my art loving partner for Valentines day? Never fear, our suggestions are here. Whether it’s fancy jewels, posh umbrellas or DIY lights, there is something for everyone this Valentine’s Day:

1. For Jewellery: CultureLabel

What: How about jewellery for men and women designed by Grayson Perry, Marc Quinn and many more? All reasonably priced, some pieces heart shaped and sentimental and others quirky. All available through Culture Label. Or push out the boat with something precious for your precious one. Choose the limited edition “art” small pendant by Theo Fennell; this retails for £3,500 and is something to be treasured forever.

Buy: see here and here

2. For Umbrellas: National Gallery

What: With pretty awful weather ahead, lift her spirits with one of the National Gallery’s printed umbrellas by Fulton. Screen printed designs include Van Gogh, Renoir, Turner. This present is functional as well as fun.

Buy: see here

3. For Underwear: Maison Lejaby

What: Here is underwear to be worn as outer wear making your muse an ideal subject to paint or  providing the just the right tantalization for your evening. Look at the exciting collection by Simone Perele and Maison Lejaby for seductive dressing.

Buy: see here

4. For Lampshades: VITA Copenhagen

What: Here is the an opportunity to print your own message or paint your own picture on a lampshade designed for acrylic or watercolours. The lampshade at £39 by Vita Silvia Create is the newest way to let your love shine down.

Buy: see here

5. For Wall Prints: Culturelabel

What: How about something romantic and colourful for your wall. Choose form a selection of romantic prints. True Romance by Katie Edwards at £110 or Mate for Life fish screen print by Fanny Shorter….. an image which probably says it all.

Buy: see here