Your tie is probably the most standout element of your suit; the focal piece that people will notice first. With that in mind, it’s important that you choose a tie that not only matches your suit, but also compliments your personality and reflects your personal style. It’s easy to choose a block colour tie, but why not branch out and invest in a great patterned tie to add to your collection?

There are so many tie styles to choose from, but if you’re hoping to get your hands on a stylish pattern, here is a guide to some of the best choices out there.

Striped ties

Most striped ties will feature thicker, prominent stripes to help you create that statement look. They will also sometimes feature more than two different colours, making it visually attractive against a plain suit.

Striped ties can be worn with many different styles of shirt and suit; as long as the colour matches well. Even if your shirt features thinner stripes, you can still wear a thick striped tie with it.

For a regal appearance, choose traditional colour combinations that include dark red, navy and dark green. More contemporary choices include navy and pink or navy and yellow. Most striped ties will feature a diagonal stripe, but look out for vertical stripes if you’re hoping to stand out from the crowd! Note that these are best worn with a plain shirt to avoid any clashing.

Polka dot ties

Dot ties have become very popular for their simplicity and choice in style. Opt for tiny pin dots or large polka dots depending on your personal style. They have a very uniform appearance, which can help if you’re hoping to look extra smart for work or an event.

The beauty of a dotted tie is you can choose almost any colour in the spectrum. Most dot ties will come with white dots against a coloured background; this style looks great with a plain white shirt, but look for contrasting styles such as a pink tie with navy dots for something a bit different.

When choosing your dot tie, simply just make sure the colour matches the rest of your suit.

Tartan ties

Tartan ties are classic and add a great visual element to your ensemble. They are a style that usually include two or three complementary colours, or tonal shades of the same colour. Tartan ties may look a little trickier to match with your shirt, but it’s easy once you know how!

Look at the colours in your tartan tie; ignore the background colour, and focus on what colour the lines are that make up the checks. For example; a tie with a white background and faint yellow and blue checks will look best with a blue coloured shirt. If you’re struggling to pick out a colour, simply just wear your tartan tie with a white shirt!

Paisley ties

Paisley ties are becoming a popular choice for their unique pattern, adding something a little different. Paisley ties usually come in one colour with tonal shades woven in and can almost be treated as a block colour tie in regards to matching with your shirt.

For this reason, paisley ties are very easy to wear. Choose from muted designs in colours like burgundy, grey or light blue, or go for something much more vivid. Some colour combinations may include various bright shades of blues and greens, or contrasting colours like navy and orange.

Whatever patterned tie you choose, wear it with confidence and create a great first impression of your formal style!