By now, if you are not living under a rock, then you would definitely know what Instagram is. However, did you know that there is a gaming aspect to the platform?

The purpose of the popular social media platform is for users to get as many followers as possible. The more followers a person or business has, the more influence they have over the general user base on Instagram. There are even achievements for this. If you notice, some accounts on Instagram have a blue tick next to their username. This blue tick confirms they are verified users, meaning Instagram has acknowledged them as having a level of control of public opinion.

Essentially speaking, the more followers you have, the more prestige you have on the website. This directly raises your popularity and perceived value to the community. It goes without saying that a system like this can make, or break, any individual or business’ reputation and brand.

Getting followers is by no means a simple task. Other than the fact that you have to consistently put out engaging and valuable content, you will also need to know and predict Instagram’s algorithm. Worst of all, the platform seems to switch up their algorithm quite often, so it is incredibly important to stay up to date with the latest methods on how to score new Instagram followers.

If your main goal is to increase the number of followers you have right now, then look no further, here are just a few essential tips that will help you ride and predict the trends to get more Instagram followers.

Use Hashtags

A hashtag is how Instagram filters out content for everyone on the platform. It groups up posts and statuses that have something to do with your interests and searches. For example, a football fan would have recommendations of football videos, and a League of Legends fan would likewise, have recommended posts based on the game itself.

Using hashtags properly can net anybody a solid group of new and fiercely loyal followers, while expanding the overall reach of any business. Another great benefit of hashtags, or even a growth service, is that they allow you to target specific regions or countries, for example, if you were trying to get UK Instagram followers. Generic hashtags are great on it’s own, but if you have a branded hashtag on your posts that is even better. Not only does it get you the right people to follow you, it also directly links potential curious new people to your page, website or sales page.

When coming up with a hashtag, always remember that the key is quality over quantity. Make sure you have the correct hashtags for your products and the cause of your posts so that it will be featured for the relevant audience.

Have a Posting Schedule

There are literally over a million active users on Instagram at any time. Most of these users are either posting or checking on updates. With all this activity going on, that means your post might not be as easy to see as you think. It might be drowned out by another post, or it might have been posted at the wrong time.

Most businesses and influencers that are successful on Instagram will schedule their posts regularly, so you should try to do this to if you want to grow the number of followers you have. By doing so, their followers know when a new post is coming up, making it easier to keep updated. Having an online posting schedule also lets you target a new demographic of people based on their online activity.

When it comes to posting and gaining new followers, consistency is truly the key. Investing in a post scheduler can help you go a long way.

User Generated Content


User generated content, just as its name implies, is the content that is created by users on the platform. It is the opposite of expensive high production ads. Instead, user generated content features a person or a group of people filming with their smartphone.

People on Instagram generally tend to enjoy user generated content more than high production videos these days. So, more businesses and influencers are ditching the expensive gear and setup, and opting for a more close to home approach.

Doing this not only makes advertising much cheaper, it also has the potential to become an incredibly successful marketing campaign if done correctly. By creating content that is relatable and with a “back to the roots” kind of approach, businesses are more likely to get new followers and earn potential long term clients.