Dandruff: it’s insanely pesky, embarrassing and confusing. Why do we have it? Does it mean we’re dirty? And can anyone spot a single flake on our black jumper? So it isn’t a serious health condition, but it’s persistent and needs to be tackled throughly. Here’s our top picks:

1. For the Chronic Sufferers: Philip Kingsley Trichologist Consultation and Treatment

The Lowdown: Both Philip Kingsley London and New York Clinic offer initial hour-long consultations with an Institute certified trichologist (world renowned!), in which they go through medical history, and diet (yes cheese can be the cause of many scalp problems) and other lifestyle decisions. Your scalp is then examined carefully, indeed it was the first time mine had ever been done, before being prescribed an hour-long hair and scalp treatment, where all products are specifically selected for your individual needs.

Why: Because this is the ultimate gold standard in getting rid of the flakes. Philip Kingsley may be known to me as supplying Audrey Hepburn with her luscious locks (check out their infamous Elasticizer product), but they’re the experts at dealing with hair loss and dandruff. You can’t feel in safer and more serious hands than in the little booths in this medical-style hair salon. Once your scalp is scrubbed and hair washed, they give you a list of PK products to take home and a pack of information to help with your dandruff-free journey.

Where: 54 Green St, London W1K 6RU

2. For a Salon Treatment: Jamie Stevens Exfoliating Blow Dry

The Lowdown: This sugar shine treatment is the perfect add-on if you want a blow dry. It’s a three step facial for the hair and scalp. The first step exfoliates, the second moisturises, and the third is an illuminating mist that’s sprayed on to close the cuticles  and seal in the shine. The scrub is an enjoyable process where your scalp is massaged (i.e. you nod off), and rejuvenated. And then you have your blow-dry.

Why: It’s all well and good to have a bouncy blow-dry, but it’s essential to have a good foundation for your hair. We exfoliate our bodies, our faces, why not our scalp? Scalp exfoliators are the new thing in blow dries, and are certainly here to stay. This option is great for a less serious dandruff sufferer who wants to multitask their blow-dry with a treatment.

Where: 9 Russell Gardens, Kensington, London W14 8EZ

3. The Every Day Shampoo: Christophe Robin’s Purifying Shampoo

The Lowdown: The phenomenon according to Christophe Robin of itchy scalps and dandruff is only getting bigger. Is it down to stress, food or pollution? For some of us, it’s a sensitive topic to discuss and for the majority of people tackling the issue at home is sometimes the easiest.

Why: It’s on the more expensive side – but throwing down some extra cash is worth it. The shampoo smells sublime, and at the heart of the formula is a new natural origin active ingredient: the extract of Jujube bark, one of the most well-regarded trees in South America.

Where: Available from Space NK and Look Fantastic

4. For Long Lasting Relief: Philip Kingsley Scalp Toner

The Lowdown: We love this soothing leave-in Scalp Toner with an anti-microbial and anti-flaking formula that provides immediate and long lasting relief from dandruff and irritation.

Why: Yes, we have repeated PK again but we just think they know what they’re doing when it comes to treating these annoying flakes. This product is great, the trichologist recommended washing your hair everyday to really get on top of the dandruff, but the days you can’t, try this scalp toner. Doesn’t matter if you don’t even tone your face.

Where: Online and Boots

5. For Restoring Moisture: Lore Original Legend, Deep Conditioning Hair Mask



















The Lowdown: We’re going to hazard a guess here, but we think in your journey to battle the flakes, you have used every abrasive shampoo from the pharmacy. Sure they may work, but they leave your hair brittle and broken. Lore are an unisex hair company and all products are manufactured solely in the UK. Lore primarily use natural, plant-based ingredients suitable for vegans and not tested on animals – helping to restore your hair back to natural health.

Why: There is no point having dry hair, when it is so simple to fix. We recommend assigning Sunday to be hair mask day and treating yo’ self.

Where: Online, Liberty London and all Taylor Taylor London salons