Looking for somewhere new to treat yourself this Christmas? It’s about time you discovered Dr. Rakus Clinic, in Knightsbridge, for all your beauty and facial needs. Here’s what you need to know:

Dr. Rakus: The Clinic

It’s a name you’ve probably heard. Dr Rita Rakus is the queen of aesthetics, and has been named by the media as the ‘London Lip Queen’. Dr Rakus has over 20 years of aesthetic medical experience and is a leader in 5 star medispa services. It’s no surprise that she has has developed her practice into one of the largest solo non-surgical practices in the UK and the 5th largest Thermage clinic in the world!

Over the years, through extensive training in non-surgical facial rejuvenation, Dr Rakus has become a highly experienced practitioner in her field of Cosmetic Medicine and is a founder member and Fellow of British College of Aesthetic Medicine. She is also involved in training and lecturing and her name has been inaugurated on the Wall of Honour at the Royal Society of Medicine in recognition of her work.

Dr. Rakus: The Treatments

Dr Rakus aims to provide the highest level of expertise in non-surgical facial rejuvenation through facial line reduction and lip enhancement using injectables, plus muscle inhibitor treatments. Three of the most popular treatments are the new Dr. LEVY Switzerland’s facials:

Dr Rita Rakus –  Stem-Cell Collagen Creator 

The Treatment: After exfoliating the skin with the Dr. LEVY Switzerland’s 3 DEEP Cell Renewing Micro-Resurfacing Cleanser, a mechanical, micro-dermabrasion laser treatment is performed to further remove skin impurities and to reveal younger-looking and healthier epidermal cells.

With the most superficial barrier of dead skin cells now removed, a generous dose of the Intense Stem Cell Booster Serum is applied with a reviving massage, allowing its patented stem-cell-boosting ingredients to penetrate deeper and powerfully revitalize the skin’s collagen production.

An additional layer of stimulation is applied with the Booster Cream to multiply the treatment’s rejuvenating effects, acting as a protecting and soothing finishing touch thanks to its concentrated multi-vitamin anti-oxidants (vitamins A, C, E, PP) and its deeply hydrating hyaluronic acids, omegas fatty-acids and aloe vera.

Duration: 45 minutes

Price: £250 per session

Price: £250 per session

2. The Dr Rita Rakus – Red Carpet Facial 

The Lowdown: This winning facial procedure incorporates two of the most powerful anti-ageing treatments that will strengthen the highly stem cell stimulatory action of the patented Dr.LEVY Switzerland technology.

How: After the effective exfoliation of dead skin cell removal from both the 3DEEPTM exfoliating cleanser and a deep micro-dermabrasion medical treatment, the award-winning Dr. LEVY Switzerland Booster Serum is applied with the SublimeTM ELOS laser. The infrared light and bipolar radio frequency energies synergistically reinforce the Dr. LEVY Switzerland revitalization of new collagen growth. Adding the Booster Cream to finish off, the skin feels lifted and tightened, and visibly glowing, ready for your special event.

Duration: 60 minutes

Price: £430 per session

3. The Dr Rita Rakus – Hydra Microneedling Facial 

The Lowdown: This ultimate pore-refining and anti-ageing facial procedure starts by preparing the skin using both a manual micro-resurfacing 3DEEPTM advanced exfoliating cleanser with the latest  and most advanced micro-dermabrasion machines.

How: A first layer of Booster Serum from Dr. LEVY Switzerland is applied, before the micro-needling treatment powers up instantly the skin’s natural rejuvenating wound-healing process. Leveraging the micro-conduits from needling, the Booster Serum and soothing Booster Cream is applied to the skin, enabling their dermal-stem-cell-stimulating active ingredients to reach the deeper layers of the skin for maximum anti-ageing power.

There is a short 24 hour downtime period, but once the redness has disappeared your skin will look and feel amazing.

Duration: 75 minutes

Price: £500 per session

Dr. Rakus: Our Verdict

We sampled the Fire & Ice Facial at the Dr Rakus Clinic in Knightsbridge; this is a clinical grade resurfacing treatment for acne, hyperpigmentation and patients who have sensitive skin. This facial will brighten, tighten and smooth your complexion. We were really impressed by the procedure; the treatment itself acts as a mild peel which combines glycolic acid and retinol for resurfacing, treating problematic skin, reducing fine lines and encouraging cellular renewal. The peel feels very gentle and soothing, and the mask following is lovely. The Fire & Ice Facial includes an intensive resurfacing mask with ingredients such as sugar cane extract (a source of glycolic acid) citric acid, apple extract, retinol (Vitamin A), niacinamide (vitamin B3) and potent antioxidants including green tea extract. The rejuvenating masque is a soothing, hydrating treatment formulated with sodium hyluronate (hyaluronic acid), aloe vera, green tea extract, liquorice, grape extract and rosemary extract. All in all, the treatment was wonderful and we came out glowing, fresh-faced and feeling very relaxed. Top marks.

Available at the Dr Rita Rakus Clinic, Knightsbridge: drritarakus.com