Aftershave can go a long way to keeping you feeling fresh and cool throughout the day. However, to really get the most out of your aftershave, you need to pick a fragrance that is ideal for you. Summer aftershaves are specially formulated for the warmer weather—offering just the right amount of coolness and aroma, without being too offensive.

Check out our compilation of the five best-selling aftershaves this summer, which will make your search for the right fragrance much easier.

Hermes – Terre d’Hermès

If your preferred style is of the classic variety, then what better aftershave to pair your outfits with than the Terre d’Hermès[DT2]  by Hermes. A masterpiece of French perfumery, this fragrance boasts just the right mix of earthy, woody, citrusy, and spicy notes. Inspired by French author, Jean Giono, the Terre d’Hermès is reminiscent of the calm earth.

This aftershave combines a woody base note of cedar, vetiver, and patchouli. Its middle notes combine subtle hints of pepper, whilst the top notes boast fruity hints of orange and grapefruit. This deeply spicy aftershave—and its brilliant craftsmanship—ensure a single spritz on the skin will last you for hours.

Whether you are travelling long distance or hitting the beaches, the Terre d’Hermès is the perfect choice to leave your skin fresh, cool, and smelling heavenly. Plus, its subtle yet intoxicating fragrance enables it to be worn throughout those serious business meetings—or long days at work—without it being too overpowering.

Creed – Aventus Cologne

Just like its bottle, which has been designed in an imposing and masculine form, the Creed Aventus delivers a signature cologne-inspired summer aftershave. The aftershave’s fragrance is ultra-unique and many formulators have failed miserably to mimic its scent.

Combining hints of spice and wood, along with a touch of floral and musk-scented profiles, the Creed Aventus aftershave offers an explosion of irresistible and long-lasting fragrance delight. Its uplifting and energizing qualities match the bright and sunny flavour of the summer.

This aftershave brings together aromatic top notes of spicy ginger, effervescent pink peppercorns, and citrusy mandarin. The middle notes boast a mix of deeply rooted patchouli, vetiver, and sandalwood, allowing the base notes to leave a trail of balsamic styrax, musk and tonka bean. The Creed Aventus certainly is a uniquely formulated aftershave—which is worth every penny.

Tiffany & Co. – Tiffany & Love, For Him

The excitement for Tiffany & Co. should not be limited to their crisp jewellery or chic feminine fragrances. The US retailer holds an intoxicating fragrance set for Him and Her that is simply to die for. The fragrant For Him aftershave can be described as a fresh citrusy scent infused with a woody base.

There is no better way to enjoy a long-lasting and non-offensive, lightly fragranced aftershave than through a masterful mix of citrusy and woody scents. In fact, this Tiffany & Co. aftershave is an excellent choice if you wish to remain fresh, cool, and fragranced all day long. Even in an air-conditioned room, the scent is not overpowering. 

As the citrusy top notes begin to wear off, the more subtle woody scents become more prominent, leaving you with a desirable masculine scent throughout the day. The fragrance combines base notes of sandalwood, vetiver, and blue sequoia.

If you are already a fan of Tiffany & Co. fragrances, you will notice the familiar intoxicating blue sequoia scent. If you are not, then you may have just found your new signature aftershave. Additionally, this fragrance combines top notes of ginger, mandarin and cardamom, whilst a blend of juniper and cypress lay in its base.

Gucci – Guilty Pour Homme

The Gucci Guilty Pour Homme is formulated for the man of the 21st century. This fragranced aftershave exudes a dark, mysterious, and alpha male profile. Whilst it boasts a deep, masculine quality, this fragrance is still one of the best-selling aftershaves this summer.

To beat the stereotypes, this aftershave swaps the typical citrus and woody scents for a floral, spicy, and woody essence. Instead of the Eau de Toilette’s typical top notes of pink pepper and Italian lemon, the Guilty Homme aftershave combines top notes of hot chilli pepper and soothing fresh rose. 

At the heart of the fragrance are notes of intoxicating orange blossom, neroli, and French lavender. And if that is not enough, subtle pinches of salt and a dash of vinegar turn the floral delight in this fragrance into a masculine—yet still illustrative—blooming bliss.

The base notes on the other end combine bold woody and aromatic notes of cedarwood and patchouli. The Gucci Guilty Pour Homme aftershave certainly is bound to turn heads—and in a good way!

Ralph Lauren – Polo Deep Blue

One can never go wrong with an aftershave that exudes oceanic and beach vibes over the summer. After all, it is what most of us marvel about, most of the time. Ralph Lauren’s aquatic and aromatic Polo Deep Blue fragrance delivers a cool, deep-ocean profile.

Blended by renowned perfumer, Carlos Benaim, who is responsible for most of the top-selling and iconic Calvin Klein perfumes, this perfumed aftershave is ingeniously crafted using carefully chosen marine-based scents with hints of fruity, spicy, herby, and citrusy notes. This fragrant cocktail-mix results in an energizing yet calming aquatic gem.  

This aftershave opens up with notes of Hawaiian green mango, grapefruit oil, bergamot oil, and Cristalfizz. Cristalfizz is a synthetic fragrance that adds effervescence to the aftershave spritz. The fragrance then eases into a herbed botanical mix of clary sage oil, cypress oil, and geranium absolute.

The base notes on the other end feature typical salty marine and ocean accords of patchouli, fir balsam resin, and ambroxan, coupled with sensual musk hints. This fragranced aftershave offers great value—allowing you to rock it during your business meetings in the morning, all the way through to your casual dinner with friends. It is also a great addition to any summer occasion, whether you are attending a friend’s wedding, going for a hike, or sailing the ocean.