Horse racing is known as the sport for kings, it’s a regal sport that offers more betting opportunities that aren’t quite as limited as seen in other sports. Even before online betting platforms were introduced, fans were placing their bets manually, and it wasn’t just about winning or losing.

Today, there are even more platforms and opportunities for people hoping to enjoy a thrilling sport and place their bets on the horse they think will win, with the horse racing tips helping bettors choose. So, whether you’re a rookie or ‘unrepentant bettor’ willing to delve into Horse racing betting, here are the world’s biggest and best betting opportunities for Horse racing fans.   

The Win

As the name implies, this is a straightforward betting option for newbie punters and bettors who would rather bet their stakes on the winning horse. People simply pick the horse they feel will win the race and place a single bet on that. The bettor wins if that horse finishes first but loses his stakes even though the horse comes in second.

Depending on the bookmaker in play, the bet wins will be calculated differently in various races and locations. The advantage with this simple betting opportunity is the certainty; there are fixed odds, so bettors know exactly what they are winning or losing at the end of the race.


In the United States, the place bet refers to the top two positions in the race; if the horse you bet on finishes first or second, then you win. However, in other countries like Great Britain, Japan, and the likes, there are more positions like the third or maybe even fourth depending on the race and the number of racehorses. It gives bettors more lee-way to win even though their choice-pick doesn’t pass the finish line first.

Each Way

For bettors who wager on horses that have better odds at winning, each way betting is one of the opportunities to go for. This betting type allows you to place two independent bets; the first bet would be the horse you favor to win, while the second would be a ‘place bet.’ For example, a bettor who has #50 pounds, #25 would go to betting for the win, while the other half would place a bet on the top two or three positions, depending on the race. 


In a Duet, the punter must select the top to horses out of the first three horses that will finish the race. The advantage with the Duet is the exact positions don’t matter. So if the bettor chooses a horse that finishes in the various combinations; 1st and 2nd, 1st and 3rd, or 2nd and 3rd, then that’s a win. This bet does increase the chances of winning, but the payouts are lower than Exacta due to that fact. 


The Exacta is a bit trickier for bettors because, as the name implies, people have to place bets on the ‘exact’ top two horses to finish the race. This bet would obviously require in-depth knowledge of the game and a lot of strategic calculations.

As opposed to simply betting on the winner, bettors only win big if both of the horses they chose come in the first two positions. Of course, the Exacta is more attractive for bettors who want to win big as the payouts are higher than the regular ‘win’ bet.