Generating energy for household consumptions comes with a price that include added pollution to the atmosphere, especially, if the generation process involves fossil fuels or nuclear energy. As such, even if you can afford to foot your energy-consumption bills, you still need to save energy.

But when household owners think of saving energy, they usually zero in on the cost of maintaining the heating system. Well, this is fairly understandable, considering that the heating system consumes a lot of energy, especially, if you live in a geographically cold place. In fact, it is the number one consumer of energy in most households.

The number two consumer of energy, on the other hand, in most households is the water heating system. If you look closely at your energy consumptions, you will notice that almost 30% of your energy consumptions goes to the process of maintaining hot water in your home. Thus, if you want a holistic energy saving scheme, you really need to watch over your hot water consumption.

How Can You Save on Your Hot Water Consumption?

The obvious thing is that once you turn on your water heating system, you begin to consume energy. And as you keep the warm water hot, you further consume energy, and these cumulative consumptions add up to the total cost of your energy consumption in your household. Thus, you should be wary of how you consume hot water. There are many ways on how to diminish the cost of maintaining hot water in your household, and here are some succinct tips on how to do it:

Engage in Regular Cleaning and Maintenance of both your Water System and Water Heating System

Ensure that your water piping system, including the pipe insulation, taps, and stopcocks are well maintained. The reason for this is that leaks and drips push up your hot water consumption. Moreover, you should ensure that the filters that you fit to the taps are well-cleaned. Diffusers reduce water consumption if they are regularly cleaned likewise. Hence, you should ensure that you do rounds of cleaning for these elements on a regular basis.

Choose Wisely the Water Heating System Unit that You are Going to Buy!

If you intend to use hot water boiler or a tankless water heater, you need to choose intelligently. You can get the best combi boiler here. This means you should choose wisely the brand and model you are going to buy. In short, you should choose the best tankless water heater, or the best hot water boiler. The model that you are going to use must be very efficient and cost-effective. If you are using, however, an old model, you should greatly consider replacing it with a model that is known for being cost-effective, but of high performance.

Turn the Water Pressure Down

Using power shower may seem great and affords you some luxury in your house. However, these power showers really consume much water. Turning the pressure down on your power shower can surely lessen your water and hot water consumption. Thus, you should include in your energy saving scheme the turning down of pressure of your power shower, and you’ll be amazed at how much you are able to save on your energy consumption if you do this.

Engage in Rational Use of Hot Water

Rational use of water makes sense when you want to save on your energy consumption. Why? Because it allows you to figure out the ways on how you can save on your water consumption. Rational use of hot water includes avoiding pre-rinsing your dishes with hot water, turning the pressure down on your power showers, turning off the water heater when it is not in use for a long time, and not letting your water heating system stay on a standby when not in use.

You will be surprised if you implement an effective water-saving scheme in your house. Yet, any rationalization of the use of water will never be effective if you don’t involve every member of your household. Hence, you should orient your kids about how to rationalize the use of water, and if every member of the household is on the same page, your energy-saving scheme will surely succeed.