Marble has always been a real status item in kitchens. With it continuing into 2022, those considering adding it to their kitchen renovations should think carefully about how they can best use it. With the right considerations, marble can become a key part of your kitchen design.

Other Textiles

Your use of marble will no doubt take up much of the space in the kitchen, especially if you are to use it as your countertops and splashback. Therefore, you should think about some of the other textiles that you might wish to add in. A great choice will always be wood, which you can split between your cupboard doors and kitchen laminate flooring.

Choosing wood for both your kitchen flooring and your cupboard doors allows you to add some more natural elements to your design to complement the expanse of marble. You might be hesitant to have wood floors in a humid environment like a kitchen, but there are water-resistant options out there. For a truly luxurious option, consider underfloor heating too. Since this can go beneath both wood and laminate flooring, it can be attractive to many. Mixing the warmth of the floor with the cool of the marble counters will also create a wonderful sensory experience that you can build on in the rest of the kitchen.

Other Colours

Make sure to incorporate your marble counters in a way that makes them stand out. A great way to do so is with the colour of your cabinets. Though you might opt for them to be made of wood, consider painting them to add a splash of colour.

Take a look at the colours in the marble you have chosen and try to bring them out in the rest of the kitchen. As an example, let’s imagine that you have chosen a marble that is predominantly white but has seams of green and black running through it. You could choose a matching green for the kitchen cupboards and then choose matte black fittings like cupboard handles and taps. This will create a cohesive and beautiful space that all ties together in a subtle way.

The Marble Itself

How have you decided to use your marble? When adding it to a kitchen, as mentioned above, most people will opt for it to be used as their countertops and splashbacks. How big is this area? Depending on the pattern of marble you choose, you could overpower the space if you pick something a little too busy.

For something truly spectacular, finish your island counter with a waterfall end. This is where the material used for the counter cascades down to the floor. If you want to draw all eyes in your kitchen to your island, this is one of the best ways to do it. You can do it with wood or quartz, but if you have already set your heart on marble, this can be a stunning addition that elevates your kitchen design as a whole.

Marble is set to be a continuing trend into 2022 and beyond. If you want to incorporate it into your kitchen, make sure to pay close attention to the colours in it. They can easily be brought into the rest of your room design. The kitchen is one of the most prestigious rooms in the home, and it is a space that you should always be proud of. Above, we have listed three tips to help you make it work in your space. Do so, and it could be one of the best investments you make for your kitchen aesthetics.