Modern men’s fashion allows you to truly have fun with trends. Thanks to this, you can present yourself in a different style every day. If you like avant-garde combinations, see how colourful men’s shoes can be worn in interesting ways.

When it comes to choosing footwear to match your outfit, the right color selection is key. Fortunately, these rules are not as rigid now as they were a dozen years ago. Although you can afford to be casual and playful, some combinations should be avoided. Check which models of men’s shoes like colorful combinations.

Crazy red

Although red shoes are mainly associated with women’s high heels, men also look great wearing shoes in this color. Red is a unique color, which symbolises love and hot temperament. Its expressive shade underlines every style, giving it an original look. Red shoes are perfect for everyday and streetwear fashion. If you want to liven up your look, go for sneakers with a high upper. Match them with straight or tapered light jeans. Put the pant legs inside to fully expose the shoes. In this case, the devil is in the details, so it is worth paying attention to them.

If you decide to wear red shoes, refrain from this color in the rest of your outfit. You can allow yourself subtle accents that do not dominate the whole outfit. An interesting solution is combining a black sweatshirt with red print and graphite pants. Match it with burgundy sports shoes and a leather jacket. Unlike in women’s fashion, red is not suitable for official and formal outfits. Therefore, do not combine red shoes with woollen suits, elegant coats and formal shirts.

The color of the sky and the ocean

Blue shoes for men are rather rare. It is much more common to find navy blue shoes, which will work in many versions. Despite appearances, blue shoes are quite universal, even though they used to be considered a fashion blunder. Today, however, trends are much more liberal, thanks to which you can accentuate your styling in an original way. Blue or navy blue shoes should be matched with dark jeans or chinos. They will also go well with shorts in khaki color. In contrast, you can opt for a white combination, which will emphasize your unconventional approach to fashion.

Shades of blue look good not only on shoes made of smooth grain leather, but also on suede and velour models. When choosing these styles, go for simplicity and minimalism, so your outfit doesn’t look gaudy and crude. This way, it will be associated with a sense of taste and original taste. Remember that whichever design you choose, it is worth choosing accessories to liven up your look, such as red socks or a brown belt. If you’re looking for interesting blue shoes, check out, where you’ll find a wide selection of men’s shoes for every occasion. With an extensive range, you can become your own stylist today.

One color is not enough!

If you like fashion challenges, be sure to check out how to present yourself in two-colored shoes. Black or brown Chelsea boots with a colored part in the upper, for example in shades of red or navy blue, are very popular among men’s models. You will also look great in leather boots with denim inserts. These shoes can be made of smooth natural leather, perforated leather or suede. A rather bold choice is to wear classic shoes with a contrasting upper, e.g. white, blue or cognac. It is also worth betting on styles with delicate checkered patterns or fabric imitating linen.

Two-tone shoes work best for casual styling. Whatever design you decide on, you can wear them on a date or out with friends. But be careful not to go overboard with accessories that may make your outfit look too extreme or even kitschy. In this case, let yourself be casual and playful. Two-tone shoes will look great with rock and grunge style. Pair them with light jeans and a checked shirt. If you choose a model with a high upper, turn up the pant legs above the ankle and loosen the laces slightly. You can also add an interesting accent with stylish headwear, such as a fashionable flat cap