Any homeowner should know that the most sociable place in your home should be the kitchen. When hosting a party, your living room should be used for drinks and small talk, your upper floor relatively off limits, while your kitchen is a focal point for feasting, socialising and fun. Here are some tips to make sure that your kitchen lives up to this standard.


Extending your kitchen might be a costly but is sure to bring new life into your surroundings. Not only can it create a comfortable size for both cooking and entertaining, due to your kitchen being extended into your dining room, but you can even have it attached to your living room and have more seating space for drinking as well as eating. Separate your rooms with a sliding glass door screen, such as bi-fold doors, and you can have a fun way of keeping an eye on your guests while maintaining their privacy between and after meals. You can even make the glass double glazed for extra heating.

Make it cosy

Practically should take place over your kitchen just appearing “pretty.” Make sure your kitchen has enough space to house a plenitude of different objects, whether this is for dining, entertaining your kids or for a special homemade dinner date while maintaining its spatial distance from the furniture. To make your room cosy, consider investing in a lot of themed cabinets, drawers and hidden storage space. This way you can whip out a glass or fancy utensil when the time is right. It is sure to keep your guests hanging around your kitchen space. Be sure to focus on the furniture that you place in the room as well. Enough cosy chairs will make it possible for your guests to lounge while you cook, a perfect means of continuing conversation.

Garden escapism and light

An extension can also combine your garden with your kitchen, making it possible to have an outdoor dining space to entertain your guests. By combining your kitchen and a patio, it makes it possible to work from the kitchen while maintaining direct communication with your guests. Another positive effect is the lighting a glass entrance to the garden will have upon your kitchen. Natural light will make your kitchen sparkle. While it can be a little pricey to expand on any part of your house, your kitchen will be naturally lit and will appear even bigger than what you intended for its original plans.

Make it unique and your own

From kitchens that have walls covered in giant chalkboards for the kids, to kitchens with glass tops with an aquarium interior, whilst you may not want to go as extreme as these ideas, be sure to make your kitchen reflect your own personality. Whether you prefer a white wall with a sunny tiled floor or a modernistic monochrome paradise, make sure your party reflects your tastes and interests. If you feel comfortable in your own surroundings, then it is sure to rub off on your guests.