When we are children, Christmas is the most magical time of the year. As the weather gets colder, our days were spent wondering what Santa might bring, what tasty food our mums and dads will prepare, dressing up for the school nativity and, above all, the unconstrained excitement of staying up on Christmas Eve in the hopes of seeing reindeer fly past our windows through the starry night.

However, now we’ve grown up, the magic of Christmas can be harder to capture. We are tired from our jobs and end up huddled around the television with a box of chocolates watching the same shows we do every night, but, this doesn’t have to be the case. By breaking with some traditions and family routines you can create a fun and original day of festive celebration, tailor-made to your personal interests. There are many ways we can shake up the holiday season, some big, some small, but even just by changing one thing about your Christmas this year could truly make it the season to be jolly again. In this guide, you will get some ideas about how to get put the magic back into Christmas season!

New Surroundings

A Christmas at home can be great because we get to see our families and, most often, return to the place we grew up but, the honest truth is, this isn’t the most thrilling of experiences. One way to inject some life into your Christmas is by travelling somewhere completely new. There are so many amazing places to spend Christmas no matter what you fancy. Why not travel to spend the holiday surrounded by real snow, snuggled up in a log cabin, or seek out some winter sun and have your dinner on the beach? Even something as simple as travelling within your home country could make all the difference.

Unique Gifts

Trying to buy presents for loved ones can be an arduous task and it’s all too easy to fall into the trap of getting mum a scented candle, and your partner some novelty socks in order just to fill the stockings. So, this year, why not look online for some Christmas gift inspiration, not only for your loved ones but ideas for what you would like as well. One idea is to make the gifts, rather than buy them, which doesn’t have to be as much work as first thought. Why not bake some tasty biscuits, do a photo collage of some treasured memories, or even exchange books you’ve loved so your family can enjoy them as well?

The personal touch- Christmas Cards

An essential part of every Christmas is, of course, the Christmas card. This is how we spread the magic of Christmas to everyone in our lives. Our co-workers, friends, families, and partners all get a glimpse into our festive minds with the card we give them, so why give out a shop bought card that everyone has already seen, with a lacklustre, pre-written message? A great way to make your festivities unique is to get your creative juices flowing and send out personalised Christmas cards. Creating cards this way means you can upload your own photographs and write personalised messages, showing people you’ve really thought about them and put effort into staying in touch.

Alternative Festive Food

The lynchpin to a successful Christmas day is a smorgasbord of beautiful, well-prepared food. A traditional meal does have its charms, but why be constrained by times gone by? Changing the menu could be the pièce de résistance of a great Christmas; perhaps even, the cherry on top of the cake. A sumptuous seafood dish or a sizzling steak could be the trick hidden up your sleeve to make your guests’ and family’s eyes light up.  Identify what other cultures eat on their days of celebration, and take some inspiration from there. Or, ask each loved one to provide a dish of their own making and sample the delights of a meal made as a family.

This year, your Christmas should be anything but ordinary. By taking some inspiration from this guide, you can craft a festive time that’s unique and personal, not only to you but to the people in your life that really matter. From something as simple yet creative as getting personalised Christmas cards, to going for a jet set winter escape, you can easily make this year just a little bit different and even more magical. Make this holiday yours and, once again, the most wonderful time of the year!