Finding the perfect hairdresser can be challenging. After all, some of our biggest beauty disappointments happen at hairdressing salons. Botched bangs or a completely different hairstyle than we had in mind – we’ve all been there. If you’ve just moved to a new city or want to change your hairstyle dramatically, you’re in need of a skilled and trustworthy hair stylist. Here are 4 tips to help you find one who suits your specific needs.

Ask your friends and colleagues

Word of mouth is easily the best marketing method for hairdressing salons. If you see a color or cut on a friend or colleague, ask them which salon they go to and who they see there. You can even approach a stranger! But make sure to ask for their name – knowing who referred you will help the stylist instantly understand your preferences (and who to thank for the reference).

Take your first step

One of the safest ways to test our a hairdressing salon is booking a simple service such as a blowout. You might even get a discount if you book with through one of the promotional booking websites like Living Social or Groupon. At this point, you’ll be able to check whether the salon uses an innovative appointment booking software such as Versum ( that allows keeping customer history records, offering loyalty programs and ensuring a 24/7 booking availability. If the salon provides its customers with such options, it’s a good sign that marks their professionalism

Check what products they use

If there are particular brands of styling products, shampoos or hair coloring products that you love, you can use that as a factor in your search as well. Visit the brand websites and use the salon locator feature to search through your neighbourhood and find salons that use them. You can also check whether the hairdresser you’re considering to try out uses them.

Do your research

By now, you probably have a few salons in mind. Use Google search to learn more about them and narrow down your list. Check Yelp reviews to see whether customers have left satisfied to get a better idea of their capabilities. Social media can be of immense help here as well. Instagram is particularly important – it’s a purely visual medium, so you’re bound to see the results of hairdressers’ work and their relationship with followers. If you like what you’re seeing, you’re on the right track. Have a look at Facebook as well – some hairdressers have pages too, and they’re an excellent source of customer reviews.

Follow these tips to find the best hairdressing salon in your neighbourhood!