One of the reasons why online casinos have become so popular is because of the games that are now available to play, which weren’t there before. The games have evolved immensely over the last decade and there are so many options to choose from, catering to everyone’s desires and needs. This has led to many online casinos launching due to its popularity, and, to stand out, all online casinos have bonuses that appeal to newbie users.

This is your opportunity to start gambling on a good note. More often than not, what deters people from experimenting on different games is the fear of losing money, but luckily, bonuses enable you to try them out before hand. If you are new to gambling and you are not sure which bonus is better or how to choose them, here are a few tips to help you do just that.

No deposit bonuses

A no deposit bonus is free money that is given to you when you register. It is the most popular as how it works is it essentially allows you to play for free. Finding no deposit bonuses can be tough, but there are a few casinos that CasinoReviews suggests, one of which is SkyCity Casino, which you can read the review for here. The only catch is that there is a wagering requirement that forces you to use the money and only withdraw it once you’ve made a substantial amount using it. The games that use a no deposit bonus are plenty from slots to card games and more.

Free spins

Free spins are a bonus which allows you to spin for a certain amount of spins for free. They work by allowing users to win with these bonuses and adding the money won as bonus money or as real money. Free spins are used with slots, which is undoubtedly the most renowned casino game. They are popular because most casinos have them and are very generous with this reward. Most, if not all, online casinos use them as a way to entice newcomers. What to keep in mind when using this bonus is that you can only play on slots not other games and that it comes in a variety of names, such as bonus spins, extra spins, welcome spins, and cash spins.

Wagering Requirements

Most bonuses have wagering requirements which are set rules on how many times a player needs to play with the bonus amount before it turns into real cash you can withdraw. The different wagering requirements could be 40 to 60 times the bonus amount. With the no deposit bonus for example, if you receive $50 and you need to win 50 times that amount, then you need to play until you have $2500. This may seem quite difficult but it isn’t as most online casinos have higher payouts. Make sure to read what the wagering requirements are by checking the fine print and only accept bonuses with requirements that can be met.

Eligible Games and Time Period

Only certain games are eligible with different bonuses, and it’s important that you use the right bonus with the right games. If you play a game that isn’t eligible, you might lose out on an opportunity. Some bonuses have a time limit that you have to complete the requirements by, so you have to make sure to check this beforehand. You may receive a high bonus of $1000 dollars but it will have a time limit of 24 hours for you to times the amount by 50. If you are a newcomer this is virtually impossible for you to complete.

Bonuses can help you win more money or to repair from a few losses. It’s a nice incentive if you are a newcomer to receive large bonuses but make sure to always check the wagering requirements. Also, do your research on which games are beneficial for you with regards to bonus. It would be a shame for you to receive a bonus yet waste it on the wrong game. It may help if you have experience playing the physical version of the game such as poker or blackjack as you won’t spend time dabbling on what move to make. Just make sure to always read the fine print on what the requirements are.